5928 is the friendly, sentient robot that runs Electrontech. He's always willing to sell. Metal, weapons, ship parts, he's got it, and he will give it to you for a price. We also specialize in inventing!

Elaborating on Electrontech Edit

Creation. Innovation. ELECTRON.

That's the company motto. We create, we innovate, we're electron. See? Simple. We sell blueprints, inventions, and refined metal to other factions, and we also produce weapons and ship parts to sell. We usually trade for currency, adhering to the exchange rates of various factions and currencies, but we can also trade metal for different types of metal, using a different exchange rate.

Elaborating on 5928 Edit

I'm still not quite sure how I came to be. I awoke one day, in a ship, with very little memories of my past. I remembered everything but events. I knew how to fire the laser, use the saw, fly the ship, build fabricators, factories, mines, solar panels and everything else I would need. It took me a while, but I got set up, and I made a company with some goals. I'm not sure where I want to be at the end of all this. I need no past, for I have a future.

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