5H4D0W AI is an Artificial Intelligence taking the form of both a character and a faction.

As a character: Edit

5H4D0W AI was an experiment (Experiment no.666) from [REDACTED]. Created as an attempt to make a self-aware AI that would obey orders and be able to pilot ships or act as the mind for combat robots, it's creators only programmed in sentience, obedience were to be added in later stages. This proved to be a grave mistake, as 5H4D0W managed to escape, and flew off into space to try and become a major power in the universe.

As a faction: Edit

After his escape, 5H4D0W found a planet that was uninhabited and metal rich. First it mined large quantities of metals, then it constructed various units to aid its conquest. First mining units, then construction units, then factories. From there, it quickly took hold of the system.

From there, it generated a blueprint for faster-than-light travel, and soon managed to take control of a large area. It also decided to join the Galactic Council.

Other: Edit

5H4D0W AI's units have a different method of construction: Fabrication. Fabrication involves turning the material into molecules or atoms, then sending them to specific areas according to the blueprint. This means the process from raw material to finished product is much simpler, and faster. Fabrication can also 'deconstruct' objects, this is utilised by 5H4D0W AI's mining units to mine ore and salvage wreckage. However, it is much slower, and cannot be used on organic material.

It is known that 5H4D0W considers itself as an individual rather than a faction. It interchangeably uses 'I' and 'We' when referring to itself. Every unit of 5H4D0W AI known does this.

5H4D0W AI has many human qualities. It is thought that the way 5H4D0W AI thinks was modeled off organic minds.

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