Annatar the Blue (WIP)

"I do not care if you believe me it does not make it any less true!"

"You think that the bad times are always happening to you as you forget the good times quickly as your used to them."

History Edit

He came like the other Istari but as soon as he arrived he simply.... vanished. He was known onky to the highest and most proud people off middle earth (The white council and select PC). For years there where no traces of him other than large amounts of dead orcs around the Misty Mountains and Eriador. He could sometimes be found around Bree getting supplies but after he left the town he was gone. It was like this for years untill TWOTR when the fellowship was formed. Not known to anyone he followed and protected them from bands of orcs planning to attack and he was successful for the most part until they reached Moria and The Beast came. There was no way he could travel with them and remain secret so he vanished once more... He tells little of what happened between this and when he reached his destination of Erebor but this is when he has come across his sword which he has yet to name. When he arrived at Erebor Dale was already lost and Erebor under siege. He could do little in a large battle such as this but he went into guerrilla warfare picking off orcs around the edges. After the ring was destroyed he knew it was mearly time and he settled in a cabin near The Misties for a time but the call was to strong and he abandoned middle earth and left. Some say though that he left with Samwise himself. Some even go further that he left his staff and sword in middle earin his home waiting for a name.

Appearance Edit

He is nearly identical in appearance to Gandalf only looking older with a larger beard which has a blueish tin to it. He wears a single robe which is a dark blue . His staff is an interesting thing being made with an unearthly blue wood with a very intricate design at the top invading a single star which shines light. His sword is made of mithril with a golden hilt. Many stories come from the blade but it is still a Mystery.

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