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Arahad of Gondor: [1]

Decimus Meridius Maximus: Yes, his name is a reference to Gladiator. No, he is not a gladiator. Decimus is of Imperial lineage, even though he didn't know it until during the War of the Ring. His father is the infamous "Mad Emperor" Sextus Ultimus Caesar, and his mother was the prostitute daughter of a poor member of the Praetorians. Sextus never claimed Decimus as his own, so when he turned six he was sent off to the training camps. He rarely saw his family again. His instructors singled him out as the best material, and as such, pushed him the hardest. At twenty-one he graduated into the military. For two years, he served, still ignorant of his father's identity. He helped put down a rebellion of the groups of Moredain who lived in the northwestern areas of the Empire.

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