-Glosur Darloc: A mistake in the creation of time. This immortal, but often neutral creature wanders universes, but he cannot change forms, he is not a god, but the only way he can die is by his own children, and the same goes for the children. He has the form of a 6'1 tall humanoid, a muscular form, but not overly so, a thick dirty blonde beard and dirty face make him look like an oversized dwarf most of the time. He has crystal blue eyes and two prominent scars on him, one raking down his face, and one on his heart. Both showing injuries of great magnitude even his immortality couldnt heal it completely. His face is rather prominent, not to the point of chisled, but in no way chubby. His clothes are often regal and high class when dealing with negotions or visiting other realms, however when he is doing work, such as chopping wood he uses a more bland set of linen clothes. He has three weapons he often uses, Narclos, a mithril blade that has similer properties as Narsil, as it was made by the same person. Most notably its ability to light ablaze. The blade itself is straight and effective, creeping down to the hilt, engraved with runes on both sides. One in ancient dwarvish, and one in Noldorin, the Dwarvish side translates to 'I am Narclos, hand of Glosur Darloc, wield me well' and the elven side translating to 'Wary o' user, for my flame pierces the strongest hide.' The hilt is of a hard steel, but has a thin layer of Gold and Silver. The top of the hilt (Where weapons are caught) remains a hard steel. The center of the hilt is a single bright white gem. ITs appearance is that of the Arkenstone, without the light emitting properties. This is by far the most well known weapon of Glosur. Next is a crossbow made of Dwarven steel and 'Darkwood' a wood with the same properties as a 'redwood' tree. It fires regular bolts, albeit usually tipped with Obsidian. The last weapon is of all things, a dagger. He rides a Haradrim horse he found, after it escaped from a nearby camp (Read my 'fall and revisit' story for more.) the horse is pitch black, with a white stripe going down its back.

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