Elestan was born sometime during the Great Journey to one of Olwë's relatives (it is unknown who). Fëanor's words put a fire into his heart and he crossed into Middle-earth. He was an ardent pursuer of the servants of the Great Enemy, but grew to love music and poetry while dwelling at Thingol's court. He eventually calmed down and grew to love the pen more than the sword, but ever battled Morgoth's servants when the horns rang.

During the Second Age, he oft visited The Star Isle, but became more and more sundered from his own people. He wandered the wild woods and wrote poems, and slew any foe whom he met. He was one of the first survivors of Beleriand to learn of the peoples in the Vale of Anduin: the Hobbits, the Northmen and the Silvan elves, and brought them news out of the west and brought the west news of them. He fought during the Last Alliance and marched alongside Gil-Galad to the Cracks of Doom.

During the Third Age he helped wandered the wide world freely, but after the fall of Arnor he ever helped the Rangers of the North, and became one of them. He oft returned to Rivendell, and met Bilbo. He went to battle with the Grey Company on the Pelennor Fields in the War of the Ring. Afterwards, he went to the Grey Havens with Celeborn and took ship into the West with the Three and the Ringbearer, his heart's fire finally extinquished.

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