"Utumno was delved very deep into the flesh of the Earth. Here Melkor built his first of many dungeons and deep halls of obsidian, fire, and ice. Utumno had many hundreds of caves, tunnels, corners, and rooms, which allowed many things to remain hidden and secret for a very long time." -One Wiki to Rule Them All

Utumno is a dark fortress in north Forodwaith believed by many to contain a dark power. In reality, it is inhabited by a race of strange Elves, ones tormented by Morgoth in the first age. This faction is neither good or evil, but considers itself more good than evil.

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Utumno's capital is one of many vast caverns in the depths of the fortress. It is called Talcelebkalina, or the City of the Silver Light. It is called this because of the mile-thick veins of pure quartz embedded in the ceiling. The cavern is located underneath one of Forodwaith's great snow plains, and during the day, filtered sunlight streams through the crystal to light the cavern with it's silver rays.

Species Included Edit

Utumno is home to a wide variety of creatures, including Tormented Elves, Orcs, Werewolves, Vampires, Ice Drakes, Wargs, and Giant Spiders. Several of these were eradicated or driven out during the Deepwar. The Utumno faction includes:

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