Note: WIP

Name: Estelon

English Name: Juan

Race: Man

Nationality: Gondorian

Primary Job: Engineering

Secondary Job: Leadership (goes hand in hand with Engineering. Ask me about it.)

Backstory: Being raised in the STEM Program for Gondorian Engineers, he traveled to Dol Amroth to make his living. He personally considers Dol Amroth his Homeland.

Skills: Problem Solving, Leadership skills (precisely helping, A vast knowledge of physics and other necessary information.

Clothing: Standard Elven Robe, but changes to an apron when working (to keep his clothes nice). Also has a Dol Amroth Army Unifom.

Weapon: Hammer, Axe, and Utility Knife (of his own invention; pocket knife)

Weaknesses: Cannot use a bow to save his life. Also has problems explaining his ideas, but some of his closest friends can understand him, translating it to others.

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