Boromir Meme

Welcome to the FAQ! This section will answer some common questions and help guide you through some common rules and misconceptions.

Can I make a Role-Play?Edit

Of course you can! Just make sure you add it to the correct category!

Please note that we have a LOTR roleplay board for Middle Earth themed RPs, a random RP board for other kinds of RPs (E.G Star Wars, Crossover, Rangers Apprentice).

Will my RP ever be deleted?Edit

No. Not unless it has been inactive for a long time. It will usually be moved to the old roleplays board if it has been out for a while. Additionally, an RP can appear dead, but not actually be, as it will occasionally spring back to life. A shining example is the Rise of the Sargoth series.

How do I get admin status?Edit

Admin status is given only to those who my admin team and I (Auraestus) feel deserve it. Please don't be deceived that editing things will make you more likely to 'get admin'. Also, don't be immature about a lack of a power position, it isn't some gift for being good, it's a responsibility.

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