Ranking systems: Edit

Terrain bonuses: Troop rank levels are increased by one in favorable terrain. Champions(Characters) are not affected.

Terrain maluses: Troop rank levels are decreased by one in unfavorable terrain. Champions(Characters) are not affected.

Morale: Morale determines how long your warriors will fight until they begin to break from the field. Champions(characters) are not affected by morale, but may choose to leave the field with their men.

Ranking system: Edit

Tier 1: Basic Soldiers Edit

Rank 1: Typical hoard troops, weak and unskilled, only effective in numbers.

Rank 2: Basic combat training, some of the better orcs such as those of mordor start here.

Rank 3: Standard infantry level, for most Mannish units. Your "Average Joe" such as gondorian soldiers, and elven militia

Rank 4: Skilled warriors such as standard elves and dwarves, these units are trained long and hard to be the best of basic units

Tier 2: Elite Soldiers Edit

Rank 5: These troops are a step above the basic soldiers, they have received extensive and personalized training. Advanced warrior-elves start here.

Rank 6: Heavily armed and armored units, extensive training and taught essential skills. Most dwarven elites start here.

Rank 7: Some of the best warriors, with an almost instinctive feel for their weapons. Elven rangers and most Dúnedain are here.

Rank 8: The absolute best of battle ready troops, of the highest quality that can be taught to large numbers of soldiers.

Tier 3: Npcs and personal troops Edit

Rank 9: Skilled and tenacious warriors, handpicked for training by their superiors and extensively drilled in their fields.

Rank 10:

Rank 11:

Rank 12: Characters of this level are typically important npcs or side characters, many times they are the right hand of a player character or important npc

Tier 4: Important NPCs, Player characters Edit

Rank 13:

Rank 14: Although they should not be underestimated in open combat characters of this level tend to rely more so on strategy than pure fighting skill

Rank 15: Exceptional warriors capable of remarkable feats, members of the fellowship are of this level

Rank 16: Gifted and skilled warriors of nearly unmatched prowess, this is the cap for PC characters.

Tier 5: Powerhouse level Edit

Rank 17: maiar and only the MOST powerful mortals.

Rank 18: powerful Maia and weak vala

Rank 19: Morgoth and Valar, Sauron with the ring

Rank 20: Eru himself, no exceptions.

Canon Factions Edit

Good Edit


Terrain Bonus: Mountains, Underground, Plains

Terrain malus: Thick forests, Deserts.

Morale: Very good. They will continue fighting against all odds and will protect their brothers in arms at all personal costs.

Men Edit

Terrain bonus: Varies 

Terrain malus: Varies

Morale: Varies but generally good


5,000 Gondor Militia, rank 2 light infantry: Stalwart men armed with sword, spear, axe, and bow, dedicated to defending their homes and Gondor.

5,000 Gondor Spear men, rank 3 heavy spear men: Professional heavy spear men equipped with spears, shields, and plate armor.

5,500 Gondor Infantry, rank 3 heavy infantry: Professional heavy infantry, equipped with swords, shields, and plate armor.

3,000 Gondor Archers, rank 3 heavy archers: Professional heavy archers, equipped with excellent bows and swords for close combat, and garbed in plate armor.

1,200 Gondor Cavalry, rank 3 heavy cavalry: Professional heavy cavalry, armed with lance and sword and equipped with good quality plate armor.

1,500 Lossarnach Axe men, rank 4 medium infantry: Axe men of Gondor, capably armored with leather chest-plates, vambraces, greaves, and armed with great two-handed war-axes.

1,500 Pelargir Marines, rank 4 light skirmishers: Marines of Gondor, armored with leather and armed with javelins and swords.

1,500 Blackroot Vale Archers, rank 4 light archers: Archers of Morthond, capably armored with leather jerkins, vambraces, greaves, and grey-green cloaks, and armed with longbows and swords.

2,000 Lamedon broadswordsmen, Rank 4 heavy infrantry: These troops were witheld from the battle of Pellenor Fields until Aragorn allieviated the threat from Harad

1,000 Lebennin marines: Rank 4 heavy infrantry: after the defeat of Umbar at the hands of Aragorn these seafaring warriors

400 Lord Golsagil's housecarls Rank 5 diverse troops: the personal retinue of the lord of Anfalas

2,000 Ethir Anduin militia Rank 1 light infrantry: the poorly equiped sailors, fishermen and trappers of the mouth of the Anduin

1,200 Dôl Amroth Men-at-arms, rank 4 medium infantry: The fighting men of Belfalas, armored with plate cuirasses, vambraces, greaves, and chainmail, and armed with swords, spears, and shields.

900 Ithilien Rangers, rank 4 light archers: Archers of Ithilien, armed with longbows and swords, and garbed in leather armor and cloaks.

Arahad,rank 15, 16 when he is smarter than his opponent, ex-ranger: Arahad spends most of his time searching for the man who killed his family,but will aid Gondor when it is in danger.

200 Swan Knights, rank 6 heavy cavalry: The finest cavalry in the world of Men, Imrahil's bodyguard, capably armed with sword and lance, and armored with plate armor.

700 Citadel Guard, rank 5 heavy spearmen: Men of the Citadel, capably armed with spears and shields, and wearing plate armor and distinct black tabards.

150 Fountain Guard, rank 6 heavy pikemen: Men of the White Tree, armed with fine pikes, and armored with Mithril helms and plate armor.

Total amount of Gondor's soldiers: 32,751

Principality of Dol Amroth

Imrahil Alqua, rank 14 heavy cavalry: Prince of Dol Amroth and lord of Belfalas.

Travian, rank 14 heavy cavalry: 

30 Royal Swan-Guard, rank 15 heavy cavalry: Mostly elven, these warriors have been the personal bodyguards of princes since the days of Imrazor. Blessed with unshakable morale, these fearless warriors will never abandon battle.

200 Knights of the Silver Swan, rank 8 heavy cavalry: Lone questing knights, these men are similar to the knights of Arthurian legend, and attempt to prove themselves worthy of the Royal Swan Guard by accomplishing great deeds abroad.

250 Knights of Tirith Aear, rank 7 heavy cavalry: Heavily armed and armored knights, clad in shining plate and dark blue cloaks, and armed with long lances and swords.

200 White Knights, rank 7 medium cavalry: Knights that have proven themselves worthy, but do not have the noble blood required to enter the Knights of the Silver Swan.

650 Lancers of Dor-en-Ernil, rank 4 medium cavalry: Light cavalry, excellent at flanking attacks.

200 Nimrodel Rangers, rank 9 rangers and spies: The secretive sentinels of Dol Amroth's frontier, armored with dull grey mail, grey tabards, dark blue cloaks, and armed with swords and bows. These men act as the spies, rangers, and special forces of Dol Amroth.

800 Tirith Aear Marksmen, rank 5 heavy archers: Heavily armored archers with shining plate armor, dark blue cloaks, and armed with longbows and swords.

200 Wardens of Tirith Aear, rank 9 heavy pikemen: The elite infantry of Dol Amroth, armored with shining plate armor, dark blue cloaks, and armed with long tower shields and spears. They act as the personal bodyguard of the prince in Tirith Aear.

1,200 Pikemen, rank 5 medium spearmen: Soldiers levied from Dol Amroth and quartered in Tarnost, armored with chain-mail and a shield and armed with a long spear.

600 Men-at-Arms, rank 5 heavy infantry: The best infantry Dol Amroth can field, it is made of members of the Order of the Silver Swan that prefer to fight on foot.

300 Haven Guard, rank 6 medium infantry: Warriors that protect the docks and wharfs of Dol Amroth, and Edhellond in particular, these soldiers are armored with silvery elvish-style overlapping plate armor, and long two-handed swords. Although highly trained, they are not accustomed to the open battlefield, and can be considered level 4 in certain situations.

2,000 Trained Militia, rank 3-4 (depending on division) heavy infantry: The mainstay of Dol Amroth's standing forces, armed with longswords, tower shields, and plate/mail armor.

2,500 Dol Amroth Guardsmen, rank 2 light spearmen: Guards of towns and cities, armed with spears and shields, and armored with light mail and blue tabards.

2,000 Professional Archers, rank 4 light archers: Mainstay ranged force of Dol Amroth


Principality of Ithilien(Fourth Age)

Arnor(Fourth Age)

Northern Dúnedain(Third Age)

50 Grey Company, rank 8 mounted archers: The famous kinsmen of Aragorn which rode with him during the War of the Ring, these brave warriors are armed with swords, bows, and pikes, and armored with grey mail and cloaks.

70 Arthedain Guard, rank 7 heavy cavalry: Knights of Arthedain and old Arnor, riding clad in shining plate, black cloaks, and wielding long lances and swords, these men try their best to emulate the power of fallen Arnor.

100 Dúnedain Cavalry, rank 6 heavy cavalry: Rangers that have taken up spears and swords, and taken to horseback, these warriors are few but hardy. They are armored with leather jerkins, greaves, bracers, and dark green, grey, or brown cloaks.

120 Mounted Captains, rank 6 medium cavalry: Captains of Dúnedain militia from the remnant of Arnor, that have taken up swords, shields, and a horse to fight for the resurrection of Arnor. They are armored in mail, black surcoats with the symbol of Arnor upon it, and winged helms.

200 Cardolan Riders, rank 5 light cavalry: Men of Cardolan, garbed in black cloaks and clothes, and armed with long spears and swords, these are excellent at driving the enemy from the field and ambushing them.

30 Númenorëan Steelbow Archers, rank 7 heavy archers: The only men among the North-edain that can still manage to draw back on these steel longbows, these archers are highly skilled and can take down a troll with a single shot. They are armored with black leather jerkins, greaves, bracers, and a black-grey cloak and clothes, and armed with hollow steel bows and sharp swords.

240 Cardolan Archers, rank 5 light archers: Light archers garbed in black cloaks and clothes, with dark leather armor, these men wield longbows and swords, and know how to use them.

400 Dúnedain Rangers, rank 6 light archers: The mainstay of Dúnedain forces in the shattered North-realm, armored with leather armor, grey, green, or brown cloaks, and wielding swords and bows.

300 Dúnedain Wardens, rank 5 light spearmen: Dúnedain warriors armored with leather armor, steel helms, and wielding spears and shields.

250 Dúnedain Blademasters, rank 5 medium infantry: Fearless North-edain armed with long two-handed swords, and armored with leather armor and cloaks.

80 Arthedain Swordmasters, rank 6 heavy infantry: Men attempting to restore the power of Arthedain, armored in shining plate and black cloaks, with massive two-handed longswords.

300 Arthedain Men-at-arms, rank 4 heavy infantry: Edain recruited to rebuild the power of Arnor, armored with plate armor, black cloaks, and swords and shields.

70 Militia Captains, rank 3 light archers: Captains of the Dúnedain militias, armed with bows and swords, and armored with light mail and black surcoats.

450 Woodland Hunters, rank 2 light archers: The militia of the Dúnedain of the North, armed with bows, skinning knives, and armored with simple clothes and leather aprons.


20 King's Guard, rank 8 heavy cavalry: The guardians of the King, armed with the finest scale-mail and spears.

70 Royal Guard, rank 8 heavy cavalry: Warriors of the Horselords, armored with scale-mail and armed with long spears and swords.

500 Fold Riders, rank 6 mounted archers: Mounted archers with a thirst for Uruk-hai blood, armored with scale-mail, bows, and swords.

300 Riddemark Skirmishers, rank 5 skirmisher cavalry: Light cavalry, riding fast horses and wielding spears and javelins.

950 Éored Horsearchers, rank 5 mounted archers: Riders of Rohan armored in scale-mail, and armed with bow, sword, and axe.

1,200 Éored Heavy Lancers, rank 5 heavy cavalry: Lancers equipped with long spears, and armored with scale-mail.

3,000 Rohirrim, rank 3 medium cavalry: The mainstay horsemen of the Éored, armed with axe, sword, and spear, and armored with mail or plate.

5,000 Rohir Scouts, rank 1 light cavalry: Scouts lightly clad in leather armor and armed with long spears.

30 Meduseld Guards, rank 8 medium infantry: Guardians of the Golden Hall, armored with golden scale-mail and armed with spear, axe, and sword.

200 Helmingas, rank 6 medium archer/infantry: Defenders of the Hornburg, armed with axe and bow and armored with mail.

400 Éored Heavy Footmen, rank 4 heavy spearmen: Heavily armed and armored spearmen, armored with good mail and armed with spear and shield.

150 Cave Guard, rank 4 heavy infantry: (Fourth Age only) Dwarves of the Glittering Caves that have taken up axes to fight alongside their Rohirric allies, wearing fine mail armor and wielding ferocious axes and round shields.

600 Eorling Archers, rank 3 medium archers: Dismounted archers, with axe and sword and mail.

700 Eorling Swordsmen, rank 3 medium infantry: Dismounted swordsmen, with sword and shield and mail.

750 Eorling Axemen, rank 3 medium infantry: Dismounted axemen, armed with great two-handed axes and armored with mail.

800 Riddermark Axes, rank 3 heavy infantry: Light axemen, armored with mail and armed with single-handed axe and shield.

1,200 Fold Spears, rank 2 light spearmen: Light militia from the East and Westfolds, armed with rough spears.

5,000 Eorling Militia, rank 1 light spearmen: Dismounted militia gathered from all around Rohan, armed with old or rusty equipment and armored with naught but what they bring.

Total Amount of Rohan's troops: 20,870


Dale and Esgaroth

30 Aihwothiuda Horseguards, rank 8 heavy cavalry: The guardians of the royal family, armored and armed similarly to the Earls but of higher quality.

70 Earls, rank 7 heavy cavalry: The nobility of the kingdom of Dale, armored with fine plate and mail, and armed with lance and sword.

200 Dalian Yeomen, rank 3 light cavalry: Light cavalry best used for chasing bandits, armored with lamellar armor and armed with long lances.

500 Dale Cavalry, rank 3 medium cavalry: Mercenaries of Dale, hired by their own people for a large force of mounted warriors. Armored with mail and capably armed with round shields, swords, and spears.

300 Royal Archers, rank 5 heavy archers: Armed with longbows and two-handed swords, these archers are protected with heavy steel cuirasses, bracers, greaves, and helms, and should never be underestimated.

250 Bardian Marksmen, rank 5 medium archers: Armored with heavy steel lamellar armor, and armed with longbows and short-swords, these archers are well trained and deadly.

150 Athala Rangers, rank 6 light archers: The Rangers of Rhovanion, equivalent to the Dúnedain of Eriador, seeking for the kingdom of Rhovanion to be restored. Armed similarly to Dúnedain rangers, these are of less skill, but not by much.

500 Dalian Longbowmen, rank 3 light archers: The mainstay of Dale's ranged forces, armed with longbows and daggers and protected with heavy cloth tabards.

700 Dalian Woodsmen, rank 2 light archers: Men of Dale armed with light bows and knives, best used for ambushing and reconnaissance. They are armored with furs.

600 Rivermen, rank 2 light skirmishers: Boatmen armored with naught but clothes and a small shield, and armed with javelins and axes, these soldiers are the ones that Esgaroth sends to defend the Dalian realm.

1,200 Barding Hird, rank 4 heavy infantry: Equipped with plate and lamellar armor, and armed with long halberds, these are the protectors of Dale.

2,300 Rhovanion Gadraughts, rank 3 medium spearmen: Equipped with light chainmail armor, an oval shield, and long spears, these and Dalian Swordsmen are the mainstay of Dale's professional peacetime forces.

3,000 Dalian Swordmen, rank 3 medium infantry: Clad in padded armor, and with a longsword and shield, these are the backbone of Dale's armies.

250 Dale Swordmasters, rank 5 heavy infantry:Dalian men equipped with lamellar armored and armed with massive two-handed claymores, these are the truly elite among Dale's dismounted warriors.

7,000 Dalesmen: Farmers and settlers in the kingdom of Dale, armored with leather aprons and armed with large two-handed axes.

Bree-land and the Shire(Eriador)(Third Age)

20 Breelander Housecarls, rank 7 heavy cavalry: Defenders of the better commanders of Bree-land's warriors, capably armed with lance, sword, and kite shield, and armored with bright mail, plate joints and helms, and surcoats bearing the tokens of Bree.

300 Greenway Sentries, rank 5 medium cavalry: Warriors of the Greenway, mounted on horseback.

350 Merchant Cavalry, rank 3 light cavalry: Mounted merchantmen, armed with good weapons and armor but lacking in the skills required for proper use.

200 Gatekeepers, rank 6 medium crossbowmen: Black-armored warriors wielding large crossbows and swords.

100 Dúnedain Rangers, rank 7 light archers: Dúnedain wardens of the Mannish settlemens of Bree-land, armed with bows and swords, and armored with leather jerkins, mail, and grey or brown cloaks.

70 Dúnedain Blademasters, rank 7 medium infantry: Dúnedain protectors of Bree-land, armored with grey or brown cloaks, mail, helms, and wielding large two-handed blades.

100 Bandobras Archers, rank 4 light archers: Hobbits that have taken up the bow for the defense of their homes and way of life, lightly armed and only armored with leather workclothes.

120 Hobbitry-in-arms, rank 1 light infantry: Hobbits armed with literally whatever weapon that came first to hand, armored with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

300 Watchmen Bowguard, rank 3 medium archers: Soldiers armored with black surcoats and mail, wielding longbows and swords.

300 Watchmen Swordguard, rank 3 medium infantry: Black-armored warriors of Bree-land and Eriador, armed with longswords and black kite shields.

300 Watchmen Axeguard, rank 3 medium infantry: Black-armored infantry of Bree, Archet, and Combe, wielding large axes.

50 Dwarven Travellers, rank 4 medium archers: Dwarves on the roads that fight with Breelanders, armored with heavy furs and armed with bows and shortswords.

300 Greenway Guard, rank 4 light infantry: Guardians of the Greenway, battle-hardened warriors armed with spears and kite shields, and armored with mail and a conical helm.

350 Merchant Militia, rank 3 light infantry: Merchantmen armed with fine weapons and armor, but lacking the skill and conviction to use them well.

3,000 Homesteaders, rank 2 light infantry: Men mustered from around Eriador, armored with hardened leather aprons, caps, and gloves, and armed with large two-handed lumbering axes.

Elves Edit

Terrain bonus: Forest(of any sort), snow, grassland.

Terrain malus: Desert(Sand Elves being the exception).

Morale: They'll die before they rout.


Faenor Celebrî, rank 16/16.5 (Rebirth): An Elf of Cuiviénen, then Doriath, then Eregion, then Lóriën. Wields the blade Ringil in battle, and carries the bow Rhîwrûth, made of the living wood of Telperion. He is usually either armored with a long leather coat with small overlapping scales and large overlapping plates and a blue cloak, or a silver cuirass, greaves, bracers, and midnight blue robes.

1,500 Lóriën Wardens, rank 5 light archers: Armed with elven swords and bows, and garbed in shadowy grey robes and cloaks, these Elves are the backbone of any army of Lóriën that wishes to take to the field. Though lightly armored, they are quick and their arrows piercing. They are also quite capable with blades once their arrows are spent.

1,500 Lóriën Sentries, rank 5 light infantry: Skilled sword- and -spear-armed light infantry, garbed in shadowy grey and willing to die for the defense of the Golden Wood. Though they are not the heaviest of troops, nor are they the sort of warrior who should go into an extended fight, they excel at ambushes and they are more than capable of silently killing enemies who are unaware of their surroundings.

1,200 Maethyr i-Thewair, rank 6 medium infantry: Elvish infantry equipped with light leather-backed mail coats and leather-backed mail skirts, dark green cloaks, and elven axes.

480 Gûrdhínen, rank 6 light infantry: Armed with twin elven swords, adept at hit-and-fade attacks into the environment. They are garbed in dark bronze-colored elven cuirasses, with shadowy grey cloaks and hoods to conceal themselves before they strike. 

800 Galadhrim Marchwardens, rank 7 light archers: Armed with elven bows and Lhång, Galadhrim Marchwardens are the commanders of the small groups of sentries and wardens scattered about Lóriën's edges. Tenacious and skilled in battle, they are clad in light grey cloaks and long leather coats, with mail over them.

600 Silvan Archers, rank 7 medium archers: Armed with exquisite elvish longbows, a finely crafted elven Lhång, and long leather coats with metal pieces over that, these dark grey-cloaked archers are some of the finest soldiers the Golden Wood has to offer. They are of surpassing skill with both bow and blade, and woe betide any foe of the Golden Wood that enters into their field of fire.

150 Sentinels of Cerin Amroth, rank 6 light infantry: The honor guard of Amroth's hill, the Sentinels of Cerin Amroth are light elven swordsmen, armored with distinctive forest green cloaks and robes, along with light cuirasses and a golden helm. They wield a single-handed elven sword and fine elven leaf-shaped shield in combat.

200 Yavanna's Chosen, rank 7 medium infantry: Elves who have risen up to serve Yavanna Kementári and her creations, Yavanna's Chosen are stout glaive-wielding elven infantry, armored with unadorned bronze cuirasses, dark green robes, golden helms, and brown cloaks.

450 Sindar Archers, rank 8 medium archers: Armed with elven longbows, the make of which was only found in Doriath and the Falas, and the best elven Lhång that Lóriën can provide, Sindar Archers are the high guard of Caras Galadhon, the elite troops of Lothlóriën and the starlit realm. Their long brown-red leather coats, over which coppery-gold plates are bound, combined with their shadowy blue cloaks, serve to make them recognized as the very same order of Elves who served with Haldir in the battle for Helm's Deep.

20 Grey Wardens, rank 12 light archers: The personal bodyguard of Faenor Celebrî(And also serving as side characters), and the leaders of Lóriën's armies, the Grey Wardens are a group of exceptional Elves gathered over the course of three Ages of Middle-earth. Whether they are Ñoldor, Sindar, Laiquendi, or Wood-elf, they are welcome in this group. They are, for the most part, armed with finely crafted elvish bows and Lhång, made by and for themselves. They are garbed in light leather Elvish cuirasses, greaves, and bracers, with shadowy grey robes beneath and grey cloaks and kerchiefs to hide their faces.

Total amount of Lóriën's soldiers: 5,750

Avari(Dark Elves):

Italli Kalanduri, rank 15/16 Elven chieftess - The leader of the Kindi tribe, Italli is mysterious, even to her own people. Few know where she truly comes from, though her features suggest she is of the Minyar...

Ilmarien Alqua, rank 14 Elven lady -

12 Avaricáno, rank 12 light warriors - The chieftains of the twelve tribes, these elders are well-protected by their people. But when need drives them, they can go forth to battle. Wielding a variety of weapons and dressed to their own preferences, these chieftains and chieftesses are a loose unit, but effective nonetheless.

60 Esselda, rank 9 light archer/sword-elves - Heavily armed and armored warriors, those who first woke by the Waters. Garbed in deep red cloaks and robes, with silver cuirasses, greaves, bracers, and armed with elven longbows and swords, these sixty warriors are the finest soldiers of the Avari tribes.

800 Avari Roquen, rank 7 light cavalry - Mounted elves equipped with swords and lances, armored with dark red cloaks and robes with copper-gold cuirasses, greaves, and bracers to match.

1,200 Avari Naharim, rank 7 light missile cavalry - Able mounted archers, able to take and give heavy blows. Armored with dark red cloaks, robes, and coppery-gold cuirasses, greaves, and bracers, these warriors are quick and deadly. They are armed with Elven bows and swords.

1,500 Avari Elder Archers, rank 6 heavy archers - Heavy armored archers, garbed in coppery-gold cuirasses and dark red cloaks and robes.

1,500 Avari Elder Swords, rank 6 heavy infantry - Heavily armored sword-elves, clothed in dark red robes and cloaks, with coppery-gold cuirasses, greaves, and vambraces, and a long two-handed sword.

1,500 Avari Elder Spears, rank 6 heavy infantry - Armored spear-elves of the line, garbed in coppery-gold armor and dark red robes and cloaks, with spears after the manner of the Eldar and long leaf-shaped shields.

300 Avarilëo, rank 7 light archers - Black-robed Avari sentinels, with black silk over their faces to remind them of their oaths. They do not speak in battle, and unnerve the enemy by doing so. Armed with elvish bows and twin swords, they are efficient and deadly.

3,000 Avamanyar, rank 5 light archer/infantry - Lightly armored Avarin rangers, garbed in dark black-green cloaks and robes and wielding elven swords and bows.

5,000 Avari Mahtar, rank 3 light archer/infantry - Lightly armed and armored Avarin militia, garbed in blue, green, and red robes(depending on their preference). With Elven bows and single-handed Elven swords with them, they are deadly foes, but they are not well-armored and they would do well to keep out of a meleé.

Total number of Avarin soldiers: 14,872


Círdan of the Havens, rank 17 light infantry: Master of the Falas, lord of the shipwrights and eldest of the Elves left in Middle-earth, Círdan wields any weapon he chooses into battle, and is also the only Elf known to have a beard.

15 Mithlond Nobles, rank 8 medium infantry: Nobility of the Grey Havens, armored with scale-mail, purple cloaks, helms, and armed with swords and leaf-shaped shields.

250 Eldarinwë Lancers, rank 7 heavy cavalry: Heavy shock lancers, armored with golden armor, aged-copper robes, and armed with lances, swords, and leaf-shaped shields.

300 Teleri Riders, rank 4 light cavalry: Light cavalry for driving the enemy away from the field, armored with nothing more than their robes and armed with light lances, swords, and small round shields.

400 Eldarinwë Archers, rank 7 heavy archers: Heavy archers armored with golden elvish laminar armor, aged-copper robes, and armed with bows and swords.

600 Eldarinwë Swords, rank 7 heavy infantry: Heavily armored Elven infantry armed with Elven Lhång and armored with golden elvish armor and green-gold robes.

600 Eldarinwë Spears, rank 7 heavy infantry: Heavy elvish infantry armed with leaf-shaped shields, Eldarin spears, and armored with golden armor and aged-copper-colored robes.

350 Sindar Guard, rank 6 medium pikemen: Capable elvish pikemen, armored with bright silver chain-mail, sea-blue robes, and armed with long pikes.

400 Sindar Spears, rank 6 medium infantry: Elven spearmen, armored with silvery Elven chain-mail, dark blue robes, and armed silver-colored spears and shields.

150 Ossiriand Wardens, rank 8 light archers: Light Laiquendi archers, armored with light laminar armor, dark green robes, and armed with nothing but bows.

1000 Lindar Mariners, rank 4 light infantry: Mariners and shipwrights armed with twin Elven swords and light leather armor, along with dark blue robes.

1000 Teleri Archers, rank 4 light archers: Elves of the Teleri armed with bows and armored with nothing but their robes.

Total number of Lindon's troops: 5,515


Elrond Half-elven, rank 17 medium infantry: A warrior out of Elder Days, keeper of the Last Homely House and member of the White Council.

Elladan and Elrohir, rank 15 medium skirmishers: The twin sons of Elrond, one armed with a bow and the other with a sword, though both can use either weapon.

Arwen Evenstar, rank 16 cavalry: The daughter of Elrond, armed with an Elven-blade.

Glorfindel, rank 17 cavalry: The most powerful Elf left in Middle-earth(save Galadriel), armed with an Elven-sword and riding the steed Asfaloth. Can make Nazgûl run for their mothers.

50 Riders of Imladris, rank 8 mounted archers: Sword, lance, and bow-armed Elven cavalry, armored with pewter-colored armor with copper highlights and dark red robes.

50 Imladris Tirith, rank 8 heavy infantry: Sword and spear armed guards of Imladris, armored with red robes, cloaks, and pewter-colored armor with coppery edges.

70 Eregion Warriors, rank 7 medium infantry: Remnants of the warrior-elves of Eregion that escaped the sack of Ost-in-Edhil, armored with silver elvish plate armor, dark red robes, and wielding large two-handed Elven blades.

200 Imladris Elves, rank 4 light archers: Bow- and -sword armed Elves, armored with nothing but the robes they wear.

Total number of Imladris soldiers: 370

Woodland Realm:

Thranduil Oropherion, rank 17 light cavalry: King of the Woodland Realm, rider of a woodland Elk and master of the armies of the Wood-elves.

Legolas Greenleaf, rank 16 light archer: Prince of the Woodland Realm, son of Thranduil, one of the Nine Walkers and one of the finest archers in Endorë.

20 Masters of the Elder Council, rank 8 mounted archers: Silver-armored lieutenants of the Elvenking, riding horses and armed with swords and bows.

80 Elder Council, rank 7 medium archers: Sergeants of the Elvenking, armored with brown flexible leather armor, green robes, and armed with bows and swords.

100 Elder Guard, rank 7 medium skirmishers: The guard companies of the Elder Council commanders, these warriors are armored with brown leather armor, dark green robes, and armed with bows, spears, knives, and swords.

1,000 Hír e-Beng, rank 6 medium archers: Elven archers of Thranduil, armored with bronze armor, brown robes, and armed with bows and swords(Hobbit film Wood-elves)

1,000 Hír e-Ech, rank 6 medium infantry: Elves of the line, armored with copper-bronze armor, brown and bronze robes, and bronze shields and spears(Hobbit film Wood-elves).

1,000 Hír e-Lang, rank 6 medium infantry: Very capable elven infantry, armored with bronze cuirasses, greaves, bracers, helms, and brown robes. They are armed with swords and shields(Hobbit film Wood-elves).

500 Hin e-Daur, rank 5 light archer/infantry: Light sentries of the Forest River, armored with silver scale-mail, helms, greaves, bracers, and a black silk scarf over their faces. They are armed with bows and swords.

200 Sentinels of the Woodland Realm, rank 7 light archers: The Woodland Realm's first defense, capably armed with bows, swords, and knives, and armored with brown robes and grey-green scale-mail.

1,500 Woodland Warriors, rank 4 light infantry: Capable axe-elves armed with single-handed Elven axes, shields, and forest-green robes. 

Total number of Wood-elven soldiers: 5,400

Evil Edit


Vëantur, rank 15 heavy infantry:

Azruben and Míriel, rank 15 medium infantry:

20 Naru n'Aru Household Guard, rank 8 heavy infantry: Loyal warriors of the ruling House of Umbar, each one from a pure bloodline traceable back to the Sea Kings. Armored with black plate and mail armor and wielding long spears and swords, these Men ride horses or fight on foot as their lords demand it. They are garbed with dark purple capes with golden U symbols in Tengwar upon them, and when off duty or on special assignment wear dark red tunics and cloaks with the same golden device on their right breast and as a clasp to their cloak.

35 Naru n'Aru Household Knights, rank 8 heavy cavalry: Mounted riders of the Corsair Kings, wearing the same armor of the household guard, but instead wearing black cloaks and carrying lances.

150 Naru n'Aru Royal Guard, rank 7 heavy infantry: The guardians of Umbar's palace, armored with black plate and mail armor, and wielding a variety of weapons, each one passed down from father to son from Númenorë to the present. They also wear dark red capes with the Umbaran device as a clasp to it, to shown their status.

150 Naru n'Aru Royal Archers, rank 7 heavy archers: Ranged guardians of the palaces of Umbar, garbed like the Royal Guard but wielding large longbows and finely crafted Númenorean swords.

60 Castamir's Rangers, rank 8 medium archers: Silent assassins of Umbar, armored with dark red cloaks and robes with a small golden clasp inscribed with Umbar's insignia, and armed with a bow or crossbow, and whatever else they choose.

80 Castamir's Chosen, rank 8 medium infantry: Assassins of Umbar, armored the same as Castamir's Rangers, but instead given more freedom to their weapon choices. A very effective but small unit.

200 Belegaer Swordmasters, rank 7 heavy infantry: The elite infantry of Umbar, armored with bare steel plate and mail, and armed with large two-handed swords. They have dark blue capes with a golden U in Adûnaic upon them.

1,000 Belegaer Marksmen, rank 6 medium archers: Elite archers of Umbar's forces, armed with well-crafted bows and swords and armored with bare steel plate and mail. They also wear dark blue capes with the Adûnaic U in gold upon it.

1,500 Belegaer Archers, rank 5 medium archers: Mainstay archers of Umbar's peacetime forces, armed with longbows and swords and armored with bare steel plate and mail. They also wear red cloaks with a golden U in Adûnaic upon them.

1,500 Belegaer Footmen, rank 6 medium spearmen: Disciplined spearmen of Umbar, armored with bare plate and mail and armed with long spear and oblong shield with the symbol of Umbar upon it.

1,500 Belegaer Defenders, rank 6 medium infantry: Swordsmen of Umbar's truly professional armies, armored with bare steel plate and mail and armed with longsword and buckler.

3,000 Corsair Archers, rank 2 light archers: Savage corsairs, armored with leather and cloth and armed with bows and whatever else comes to hand. Their only affiliations with Umbar are their flags and at least one tatoo which bear the mark of the blood-red flag and golden Adûnaic U.

3,500 Corsair Savages, rank 2 heavy infantry: Unarmored corsairs with large two-handed axes and a thirst for Gondorian blood.

4,000 Corsair Warriors, rank 2 light infantry: Pirates, armed with scimitar, cutlass, shortsword, and buckler, and armored with leather and cloth. Their affiliations with Umbar is marked by the golden U on their shields.

6,000 Corsair Raiders, rank 1 light infantry: Pirates armed with long pikes and polehooks for boarding, armored with leather and cloth suitable for sailing. Their affiliation with Umbar is marked by the iron clasps on the front of their leather jerkins, pinned to their breasts and in the shape of an Adûnaic U.

Variags of Khand:

20 Variag Nobles, rank 8 heavy cavalry: Men who attained their status by drinking out of the skulls of their predecessors, these Variags are capably armed with lance and sword and armored with bare steel lamellar armor.

150 Brotherhood of the Bow, rank 7 mounted archers: A close-knit cult of sorts centered around the bow, these fanatics are armed with long black recurve bows, swords, and armed with black steel lamellar.

150 Brotherhood of the Lance, rank 7 heavy cavalry: A cult focused on the lance, armed with lance and sword and armored with black steel lamellar armor.

1000 Khandish Raiders, rank 5 mounted archers: Swift raiding warriors, armed with short recurve bows and riding horses. They are armored with leather lamellar armor.

3000 Variag Archers, rank 3 mounted archers: The mainstay archers of Variag, armed with short recurve bows made of horn for use on horseback. They are armored with heavy furs.

2,200 Variag Windriders, rank 3 medium cavalry: Bloodthirsty warriors armed with spear and sword, armored with leather lamellar armor.

4,000 Variag Trappers, rank 1 light cavalry: Tribesmen on horseback, pressed into service with small desert ponies and long semi-straight sticks with flint heads for spears.

3,000 Marauders, rank 2 light cavalry: Axe wielding fanatics on horseback with leather lamellar armor and a bloodthirst only Indomitable and the Merchants could match.

150 Brotherhood of the Sword, rank 7 heavy infantry: Fanatics devoted to the sword, armored with black steel lamellar armor and armed with a massive two-handed sword.

150 Brotherhood of the Axe, rank 7 heavy infantry: A cult devoted to the ways of the axe, armored with black steel lamellar armor and armed with a long two-handed axe.

3,000 Household Warblades, rank 3 medium infantry: Men equipped with bronze lamellar armor, a round shield, and a long scimitar.

2,000 Household Axe, rank 3 medium infantry: Lamellar-armored warriors bearing shields and long single-edged axes, brutal in a fight and thirsting for the blood of their enemies.

3000 Variag Warriors, rank 2 heavy infantry: Bloodthirsty warriors equipped with leather lamellar armor and brutal two-handed broadswords.

2,000 Khandish Hunters, rank 3 medium archers: Somewhat capable archers, equipped with heavy furs as armor, a conical helm, a dirk, and an asymmetrical recurve bow.

6,000 Khandian Riders, rank 2 light cavalry: Armed with light spears and occasionally a scimitar, and armored with lamellar armor, these are the main force of the Khandish armies.

3,500 Steppe Archers, rank 1 light archers: Men herded into the battle by Variag warriors, armed with low-powered hunting bows and a skinning knife of they were lucky.

5,000 Steppe Tribesmen, rank 1 spearmen: Men thrown by the Variags into a battle-line, wearing only what they had on them and wielding a pointy stick.

Overall variag troops: 39,670

Near Harad:

20 Viper Guard, rank 8 heavy cavalry: The personal bodyguard of the Emperor of Harad, wearing the finest armor that can be made by the desert realm and wielding finely forged swords, spears, and riding the best and swiftest of the Haradic horses bred in the desert realm.

200 Serpent Guard, rank 7 medium cavalry: Warriors wearing steel scale-mail and wielding lances and swords, sworn to protect the Emperor.

800 Krait Guard, rank 7 heavy infantry: Dismounted Serpent Guards, wearing fine steel scale-mail and armed with sword and shield.

30 Mûmakil, rank 10 heavy cavalry: Massive animals resembling elephants, only far larger and carrying large Haradrim war-towers filled with archers on their backs. Nearly impossible to kill or even slow.

100 Muhad Beastmasters, rank 2 skirmisher cavalry: Cavalry from the depths of Far Harad, riding camels and armed with javelins and crude maces.

500 Southron Lancers, rank 3 light cavalry: Light desert cavalry, armed with lance and sword and armored with bronze scail-mail, and riding fast desert-bred horses.

400 Hasharii, rank 6 light infantry: Assassins of the Harad, known for eating a certain type of plant to make themselves go berserk with rage.

700 Southron Archers, rank 4 medium archers: Archers armored with bronze scale-mail and armed with reflex bows and swords.

150 Muhad Tribesmen, rank 2 skirmishers: Men from the depths of Harad, armed with javelins and wooden clubs and maces.

1,400 Haradrim Archers, rank 3 medium archers: Armored with leather scale-mail, dyed blood red, and armored with a reflex bow, these men are the main archers Harad has to offer.

1,000 Troll-men, rank 5 light berserkers: Half-trolls from the depths of Far Harad, wearing little armor and carrying long oblong shields spears, and a variety of nonstandard equipment.

10,000 Southron Warriors, rank 2 light infantry: Somewhat professional warriors, armed with sword, spear, long shield, and armored with bronze scale-mail.

15,000 Haradrim Spearmen, rank 1 light infantry: Men hardened by the desert, sent into battle wearing nothing but their clothes and a spear.


2,000 Dunlending Swordsmen, rank 2 light infantry: Armored with boiled leather armor, round shields made of rough board, and single-edged long swords with hooks beaten out of the metal on the spine. 

3,000 Dunlending Pikemen Rank 2 Light Pikemen: The staple of dunland raiding parties for more than a century, these hillmen weild a dunnish variation on the traditional pike with 2 prongs sharpened on the outter edge for hacking at opponents named a Derfel.

1,500 Dunlending Bowmen, rank 2 light archers: Armed with shortbows and skinning knives, and armored with furs.

2,500 Dunlending Maulers, rank 2 medium infantry: These dunlending veterans wear chain mail and weild Mauls a kind of club crossed with a Pike it is devastingly effective against heavy cavalry.

2,000 Dunlending Axemen, rank 3 heavy infantry: Armed with long single-bladed axes, the mainstay of Dunland are armored with mail and conical helms.

1,500 Dunlending Axe-Throwers rank 3 light archer/infantry: Armed with small but deadly throwing axes and a shortsword, these men also wear heavy furs and a conical helm for protection.

20 Dunlending Chieftains rank 6 heavy infantry: Stronger than most, and gaining and maintaining their position through strength, these men are armed and armored with a variety of nonstandard weapons and equipment.

400 Dunlending Berserkers, rank 7 berserkers: Strong men intoxicated by liquor and "magic"(more liquor), armored with scraps of leather and armed with large claymores and two-handed battleaxes.

Total Force 12,920


3,000 Enedwaith Longswordsmen Rank 2 Light Infantry Armed with serrated swords and roundshields the are the main infantry force of enedwaith.

2,000 Enedwaith Spears Rank 2 Light Spearmen armed with Iron spears and wearing boiled leather armor.

2,500 Enedwaith Hunters Rank 5 Light Bowmen Experts at ambushes and great shots these bowmen can tear most armies apart with guerilla tactics and raids.

2,500 Enedwaith Lancers Rank 3 Light Horsemen The riders of Enedwaith are some of the best cavalry in western middle earth.

500 Enedwaith Knights Rank 6 Heavy Horsemen 

Total Force 10,500 

Non-canon Factions Edit

Good Edit

Men Edit

Terrain bonus: Varies.

Terrain malus: Varies.

Morale: Varies.

Atmoran Empire Edit

Terrain bonus: plains, hills, flat land of any sort, sea(after boarding enemy vessel).

Terrain malus: thick jungle, sandy desert, sea(before boarding enemy vessel).

Morale: Varies like all Men, but their rigid military discipline can save their buttocks in some cases.

Legate Marius Deximus Maximus, rank 16 heavy cavalry OR light skirmisher: The son of Emperor Deximus Meridius Maximus, Deximus is a tactical genius and a highly skilled fighter in his own right. His motto is "The best generals don't always have to fight, but second-rate ones just need to disrupt the enemy's concentration every engagement". Tactics he likes include, but are not limited to: The Feigned Retreat, Flanking, Diversionary Assault, Hit-and-Run, Sabotage, and his favorite tactic to use is the Double Enclosure when defending and the Horns of the Beast when attacking.

Emperor Deximus Meridius Maximus, rank 15 heavy cavalry: Leader of the Empire, even in his later years Deximus remained a formidable opponent. Selected for the Praetorians at the normal age, he always demonstrated great potential.

Centurion Falco Sextus Nerva, rank 14 heavy cavalry: Half-brother of Emperor Deximus, by their father Sextus Ultimus Nerva, he is the leader and 100th member of the Emperor's Fists.

99 Emperor's Fists, rank 9 heavy cavalry: These are the aptly named enforcers of the Emperor's will, basically super Servios.

600 Servios, rank 8 heavy cavalry: Wearing the finest lorica laminata, these warriors wield a hand-and-a-half spatha and round shield with feather decoration, and a halberd. Their unofficial motto is "If our best can't kill the enemy's worst, the Empire should surrender"... it sounds more bad*** in Atmoran. Like Praetorians, these men are raised to fight. They come mostly from the nobility, and the symbol of their family is painted on their cuirass. Unlike other nation's cavalry units, these men do much of their fighting on foot, and mounted use mostly hit and run attacks, wearing down the enemy army and flanking. Most use Damascus steel weapons and crucible steel armor, for they have the wealth to do it.

2000 Praetorians, rank 6 heavy infantry: These men wield a Norse-like sword with a fuller on the first half of the blade and then a slight diamond cross section, an aegis, and a seven foot spear, and are raised from six to fight. They are the Empire's go-to shock troops. Wear lorica tenebris.

1,500 Sagittarius Auxilia, rank 4 light archers: Armored with lacquered leather pieces laced together with tough threads, and armed with the Mainz gladius and longbows(draw weight around 130 lbs for these), these men are not the best shots, but are still quite effective. They are capable in the melee, but are best used as what they are: archers. 

2,000 Triarii, rank 5 heavy infantry: These men wield the Pompeii gladius as a sidearm and wield a halberd as their main weapon. Wear lorica segmentata and the classic Gallic helmet, a pair of simple greaves and a bracer with scales protecting the fingers on the dominant hand.

850 Vigilants, rank 7 medium skirmishers: Armored with a lorica tenebris these men use the spatha and clipeus, along with Mongolian recurve bows, but their most dangerous weapons are retrievable versions of the pilum, which they are deadly accurate with. Ambush. Trickery. Smashing a weakened, confused, and demoralized army. Anything is fair play in their book. Usually deployed behind enemy lines as guerillas or as elite infantry.

3,000 Hastati, rank 3 medium infantry: Armed with the clipeus , hasta, and spatha, and armored with a long sleeved subarmalis and a lorica hamata on the body, these men are not to be underestimated. In fact, in a direct confrontation, when they have formed up, they are arguably the most dangerous force the Empire can bring to bear. They fight in a manner that combines the Greek phalanx with the Roman legion. Before the melee begins, they throw their pila at the enemy, killing some and disabling the shields of others. While not accurate, there's so many of them that accuracy is not a problem when going for something the size of an army. Men with spears stab at infantry and deter cavalry. Any foes who get close enough to attack back will receive a gladius or two in the gut as a reward. A common addition to the armor is jack chains. A century(100 men) of Hastati is trained for about a year.

Total combat troops= 10,102 men. Sometimes the Empire will hire mercenaries to supplement an army, or to perform specialized tasks.

In addition to these, the Legions are supported by thousands of civilians, who work as smiths, suppliers, and scouts, to name a few.

The Atmoran version of the spatha is usually 36 inches long in total, with an eliptical carved wood or horn grip, and sometimes has a fuller. The Servios wield a large version that is wielded like a medieval bastard sword. It should be noted that while Atmoran troops are as skilled as (or even surpass) Elves in several cases of rather large numbers of soldiers, it takes quite a while to train those units, and besides, they have been actively honing their methods for thousands of years, and I personally believe that most Men just didn't get the level of training Atmorans often do.

The Tacitusian Reforms Edit

After Emperor Tacitus Gaius Magnus took over upon the death of Deximus, he instituted huge changes in the army.

100 Emperor's Fists (unchanged)

1,000 rank 7 Servios, heavy cavalry- Now armed with bastard swords similar to late Medieval Venetian arming swords in design as their tertiary weapon, with an actual lance now as opposed to a cavalry spear as their primary, and a warhammer as their secondary. They wear a full suit of fluted plate, with a partially open faced helmet.

500 rank 7 Vigilants, heavy missile cavalry - Now wear black tosei-gusoku, though the helmet is more like a German lobster pot helm. Use recurve bows and one-handed kriegmessers with knuckle guards.

2,000 Nova Praetorians, rank 6 heavy infantry - Even the oldest military tradition could not remain untouched. Gone were the spear, Norse-style sword and aegis. In their place were the corseque, sidesword , and rotella. Gone were the scale armor, Corinthian helm, and bracers with a long tunic. In their place was a hardened steel 3mm thick peascod cuirass, a lobster pot helm, and gauntlets with splint armor forearm bands with a full aketon that stretches down to the knees, where it is split down the middle of the front and accompanied by a similarly split mail skirt.

5,000 Tempestatii rank 5 light infantry/archers- Now, here's where things got really different. The Triarii, many Hastati, and the Saggitarii were retrained into these guys, whose name translates as "Storms"(singular is Tempestatus, as this is talking about people not a force of nature), shock troops designed for blitzkrieg style assaults. Armored with a steel helmet, a linothorax, steel bracers and greaves, and equipped with recurve bows, schiavonas (yes, they have basket hilts), and a steel plated targe sized shield worn strapped to the arm to better facilitate shooting with the bow. They are good runners with sturdy boots to help keep them comfortable.

1,000 Equites, rank 4 medium cavalry- Cavalry armed with spears, schiavonas, oval shields, and armored with helmets, chain, and linothoraxes.

The Nordic Jarls Edit

Terrain Bonus: Forest (especially taiga), sea, town(I'm pretty sure that bonus is a first)

Terrain Malus: Desert, jungle, and very, very hot places.

Morale: They believe that a brave death in battle is the quickest way to their version of paradise, hence why the berzerkyrs are even a thing.

Hakon Shatter-Steel, rank 15 medium champion: Widely considered the best (honorable) warrior in the North by his fellow Nords, Hakon isn't exactly a very tactical fellow, cleverness being his biggest weakness (though he isn't stupid by any means). He stopped raiding Gondor after befriending Prince Imrahil, but still wears the salvaged sword and shield of a Swan Knight. His ship Icewind has a black flag with the image of a warrior (meant to be Hakon) impaling a man who has tried to fight him but sparing one with his arms raised in surrender. The message should be pretty obvious.

Egil the Stone-Handed, rank 16 : So named for once breaking open a man's skull with a single punch, Egil was always an extremely large person, even as a boy. As an adult he towered above even Nõldor, and possessed immense strength. He wore a suit of plate armor with a spectacle helmet, and carried into battle enough weapons strapped to himself to give everyone in a large family one weapon. His arsenal consisted of two gold-inlaid broadswords, two silver-inlaid saxe knives, six poisoned throwing daggers, and a shield, all sized for him, and a normal bardiche which he wielded with one hand.

5,000 Nordic Warriors, rank 4 light infantry: Wearing shaped boiled leather or gambesons with helmets as armor, and bearing great round shields with a spear, and an assortment of one-handed axes, warhammers, and broadswords as sidearms, these are the fierce vikingr who crew the longships. Longbows are also common sights. While skilled as individuals, they are by no means professional, and like all the other types of Nord fighter they are dispersed throughout the 30 noble families, who, as the Nords last had a king over 100 years before the War of the Ring, are constantly squabbling and fighting in the never-ending struggle for the crown.

750 Nordic Huskarls, rank 6 heavy infantry: Armored with chainmail, helmets and bearing steel reinforced shields, these fighters wield spears with broadswords, warhammers, and axes as sidearms. Usually employed by Jarls.

100 Berzerkyrs, rank 9 unarmored infantry: Nordic warriors gone mad with drugs and "magic"(more drugs). Reportedly possess supernatural strength and speed. Usually wield bardiches, greatswords, or mauls. So reckless that even their allies are not entirely safe, which is why most ship captains only feel secure with just one berzerkyr in the party

30 Jarls, rank 8 heavy infantry: The lords of the Nords, the Jarls each have their own holdings which have belonged to their family for generations. Generally speaking, they wear fine lamellars and helmets, with high-quality swords, shields, and spears.

11 Thegns, rank 12 champions: You don't become a Thane because of connections, money, or position. You become a Thane because you are among the best of the best. A hero to the Nordic people. They're far more skilled than Jarls and get the title from them. Nobody tells a Thane what they should be fighting with, so you'll see everything from the armor of a Sun Lander to a long-bladed seax and shield combination with an Atmoran lorica hamata among them. (note: I'm counting Hakon and Egil as the eleventh and tenth Thane, but as is shown above they are significantly more powerful)

Total Nordic troops: 4,142.

Grushnashk-Ardashk Edit

Terrain Bonus: None

Terrain Malus: Tight spaces that can't be smashed or at least expanded

79 full grown werewolves: ranks 8

82 full grown vampires: rank 8

16 Balrogs: rank 10

5 dragons of differing breed types 11

13 wraiths: 9

Draugluin III: a fierce maia in wolf form he trades in his magic and wisdom (Draugluin? wisdom?) for raw strength, speed and other wolflike attributes

Alin (vampire version): a rank 13 vampire who is fairly skilled with a sword and has the advantage of being able to fly

(I know that all these guys are pretty high tier but frankly there are only 195 people able to fight in my faction so...)


Khazad Sarkhah Edit

90 Siege-Dwarves trained to use powerful ballistae, battering rams, siege towers, war chariots and the famous Sarkhanian Fire Thrower . Rank 3 in combat and 6 in siege warfare.

400 Sarkhanian Mountains, heavily armoured bludgeoning troops that can take mountains of hits and ware down their opponents from simply rolling with their hits. They are known to accept warriors of nearly any age into their ranks. Rank 5

200 Sarkhanian centurions, the powerful war masters of Khazad Sarkhah, they wear legend-made Sarkhanian Steel armour with Weapons forged by Farnin and Dwili themselves. Rank 7

150 Ram-Rider Centurions, Centurions taught to fight while mounted, they are known to use mounted weapons created by the Rohirim and Elves but are later modified by the smiths of Khazad Sarkhah.

Dwili Thunderfoot, Farnin's Second in Command and master of siege warfare. He is a long relative of Dori and wears a suit of Sarkhanian armour covered in bandoliers of projectiles and other siege useful items. He uses a war-hammer. Rank 10

Farnin IV Macebearer, a mighty dwarven paladin who wields Korlan, an ancient war-mace. You should know him quite well but you can find a description here[1]. Rank 15

Elves Edit

Tormented Elves of Utumno

8,000 Elven Troops, armed each with a bow, arrows, and weapons of their choice. Decent stealth, expert fighters especially in the dark and indoors.

1,000 elite spies, trained to be masters of stealth and the assassin's trade. Expert stealth and sneak attacks, decent open fighting.

112 founders, the original elves who joined Tybereous and some of their older offspring. Superelites, trained from the dawn of the elves for war. Expert stealth and combat. Some are named

Dakath, the son of Tybereous. Slightly worse than his father.

Tybereous, the best of the best. Morgoth's chief spy. Unmatched duel wielding, stealth, detection and stealth magic, Marksmanship, and combat.

Sand Elves:

Dolenus, Master Spy, rank 14 light infantry: Dolenus, master of concealment, camouflage, trickery, etc. You name something stealth-related, he's got it. One might say he's invisible, but of course that would be impossible. Who ever heard of an invisible Elf?... In any case, he is armed with a multitude of daggers, both throwing and otherwise, and typically wears clothing that allows him to blend into any background or crowd seamlessly.

20 Watchguard, rank 8 light infantry: Sand Elves devoted to stealth, and revealing other concealed persons, these are the personal guard of Dolenus whenever he is back in his lands from his frequent adventures. Perhaps the only people able to spot Dolenus even when he's moderately trying to be hidden, these Elves were the original ones to learn from him in their arts. They are usually garbed in sandy brown robes and wield dull grey swords and knives, the better to conceal the weapon.

50 Duneguard, rank 7 light cavalry: The only mounted warriors of the Sand-folk, riding either desert-born swift horses or camels(when absolutely necessary), these warriors make surprise their watchword and stealth their life. Typically concealing themselves moderately close to their opponent, then swiftly making a hit-and-fate attack, these elves have mastered the old Greek maxim, "speed is armor." They wear dull grey steel cuirasses, greaves, and bracers under sand-brown clothes. Interestingly enough, these Sand Elves are armed with spear and sword, not daggers.

80 Ghosts, rank 7 light infantry: Silent and lone hunters, stalking their prey effortlessly, these are the assassins of the Sand Elves. Armed with glass daggers for throwing and dull steel dirks for up close and personal, the Ghosts equal the Castamir corps in killing skill, and surpass them in the art of stealth. Typically wearing cloaks, grey-green on one side, brown-grey on the other(and so able to be flipped to conceal in verdant or desert environments) and clothing to match, they are masters of death-dealing.

100 Sand Bows, rank 5 light archers: The only ranged warriors of the Sand Elves(who prefer to close with the enemy by stealth, then fight with daggers), these stealthy elves are more like their northern cousins in that they deal death from afar. Armed with shortbows made of a sand-brown wood, and with their arrows fletched with hawk feathers, they blend in with the archers themselves. Also armed with steel dirks, dulled on the blade-flat to give away no glimmer of light, these archers are effective and deadly. The archers are armored with sand-brown robes.

50 Sand Blades, rank 6 medium infantry: Unique among the Sand Elves are the Blades, a unit of warriors who, interestingly enough, do not use stealth as their main weapon. Armored(unlike all other Sand Elves) with dull grey mail, sand-brown cloaks and hoods, and armed with hand-and-a-half swords, these warriors only use stealth as a means to get reasonably close to the enemy before rising out of hiding and charging into the fight, relying on their armor to protect them.

300 Edhellith, rank 4 light infantry: Sand Elves of their standing army, armed with varying daggers and armored with light padded jerkins, greaves, and vambraces, under sand-brown robes and cloaks. An informal but effective force, masters of the ambush.

Total number of Sand Elven warriors: 600

Everwhite Forests:

A little backstory. Essentially, this is Faenor's faction for the Custom RP, a much-lauded RP that constantly evolves to fit the storyline, which molds itself to the imagination of all those who participate. The general theme of the Everwhite Forests is that of a fading race; the Grey Elves are less in number(due to their being at the forefront of the elven wars) but more skilled all-around, but the Snow Elves are the best infantry and the Wood-elves are numerous and expert archers.

Faenor of Nimbrethil, rank 15/16 light archer: The oldest thinking being in the physical realm, Faenor has seen everything, from the Awakening, to the Blood War, to the arrival of the demons on the physical plane, to everything since. Armed with a bow made from a branch of the Elder Tree, the oldest living tree from the Dawn of Time, and a sword made by the finest smiths of Elves and Dwarves, and armored with either mottled grey robes or shining silver armor and white robes, he is well-prepared to fight against anything which threatens the balance.

The Watcher, rank 15/16 light infantry: A character never gotten to in the RP, the Watcher is a foresighted Elf nearly as old as Faenor. Armed with the power of True Words and an Elven-blade, this warrior is the last of the Shore Elves.

5 Spellweavers, rank 9 mages: The most accomplished mages in the Everwhite Forests after Faenor, armed with a vast array of spells but armored with only their robes.

20 Everwhite Sentinels, rank 8 light archers: Protectors of the High Flet, residence of Faenor, these fearless souls are armed with Elven longbows and two-handed Elven swords(similar to Lhång) and armored with grey and white tunics, robes, and cloaks.

50 Household Guard, rank 8 light infantry: Defenders of the princes and lords of all three Elven races sharing the Taur Uilos, capably armed with long spear and bright sword, and armored with bright Elven-plate and mail, with white robes.

70 Icewater Guard, rank 7 medium archers: Defenders of the only route into the Everwhite Forests, the Frozen Fords, armed with grey longbows and light Elven swords. Formed mostly from Snow Elves and Wood-elves, though with a few Grey Elves, these warriors protect the ford from would-be intruders. They are garbed in Elven-mail under mottled white-and-grey cloaks and robes, the better to conceal themselves in the permafrost of the elven forests.

80 Megyr-i-Nimbrethil, rank 7 medium archer/infantry: Grey Elves, defenders of the capital of Nimbrethil, Nimlond, armed with long silver leaf-shaped swords and longbows.

120 Wardens of the Snow Tower, rank 7 medium infantry: Snow Elves armored in beautifully decorated silver plate armor with swan feather-winged helms and dark blue robes, and armed with hand-and-a-half swords, these are the defenders of Glosslond, the capital of the Snow Elves.

120 Pilin-i-Faroth, rank 7 medium archers: Wood-elves armored with long leather coats and beautifully decorated gold-and-red elvish armor, and armed with fine elven longbows and two-handed blades resembling Lhång, these are the defenders of Taurlond, the Forest Haven, capital of the Wood-elves.

240 Arachir e-Lang, rank 7 medium infantry: Swords-elves out of Nimbrethil(Odd, for the Grey Elves trust more to the bow than the sword), armored with bright silver elvish plate and grey and white robes out of Elder Days, and armed with two-handed blades similar to Lhång.

300 Arachir en-Ech, rank 6 medium infantry: Spear-elves hailing from the Snow Elven forests, armored with bright silver elvish plate and snow-white robes, and armed with long leaf-shaped shields and silver-bladed spears with blackwood shafts.

300 Arachir e-Beng, rank 6 medium archers: Bow-armed Elves from Taur-en-Faroth, the forests of the Wood-elves, armed with Elven longbows and swords similar to Lhång, and armored with bright silver elvish armor and red robes.

800 Nimbrethil Wardens, rank 6 light archers: light Grey Elven archers armed with bow and Lhång, and armored with light grey-and-white tunics, robes, and cloaks. 

1,100 Taur-en-Ereg Warriors, rank 5 heavy infantry: The only heavy infantry of the Everwhite Forests, capably armed with sword and spear, and armored with bright silver and white armor.

1,100 Taur-en-Faroth Archers, rank 5 medium archers: Wood-elves armed with longbows and sword, and armored with light leather jerkins, greaves, vambraces, and dark green robes.

1,500 Grey Elves, rank 5 light archers: Grey-robed wardens, these militia hail from Nimbrethil, and are older and more skilled then their Wood-elven and Snow Elven counterparts. They are armed with Elven longbows and long silver leaf-shaped swords which glow with a cold light when demons and Bloodlords are near.

2,000 Snow Elves, rank 4 medium infantry: As light as it gets for Snow Elves, these militia warriors are armored with mail, snow-white tunics and robes, and armed with long silver leaf-shaped shields and bright silver-bladed spears and swords with blackwood handles.

2,000 Wood-elves, rank 4 light archer/infantry: Light militia from Taur-en-Faroth, clad in red, blue, brown, and green robes, and armed with light Elven bows and swords.

The Grey Keep:Edit

The forces of the Grey Keep is a small force overall, but in no way insignificant.

About 2,000 Grey Wardens: Grey Wardens are the defenders of the Grey Keep, they remain stationed there and patrol the areas around it. They are rarely called out of the Keep to engage in battle. They are rank 5.

About 2,000 Grey Riders: Grey Riders are the cavalry of the Grey Keep and their primary offensive force. They ride about, working closely with the Rohirrim and making frequent assaults on Orcs in the west and north, Rhunnic hordes, and occasionally assaulting the Dunlendings. They are rank 7.

Neutral (This means truly neutral, not evil or of the free peoples) Edit

Union of the Silver shield (The Union)

Terrain bonus: Mountains, Plains, Desert.

Terrain malus: None

Evil Edit

The Shadow Empire

Sorthog the Shadow, Rank 16: He was a man in the first age but he got corrupted by Morgoth and bred with a black uruk to gain immortality. He is one with his (new) armour which was made after the death of Morgoth and it is made by the remnants of Morgoth's. It is black with dark red lines. He also has a magic gem in the centre of his armour which gives him even more power. He wields Daetrok (A black curved pike which in the other side has a longsword).

Sharûsh, Rank 12: Sharûsh is the lieutenant of Sorthog. He wields two scimitars and no one knows what he is. Some say that he is an orc, some say he is a black numenorean.

The Shadow Blade, Rank 13: The Shadow Blade is third to command. He more powerful than Sharûsh and he is a black numenorean. He wields a long black spear.

The numbers of the Shadow Empire depend. For example in the third age there were only a few thousand but in the forth there were way more. Let's say we are in the forth age.

4,000 snaga, rank 1 bowmen: They are short lesser weak orcs which are used to breed other orcs but can go to war. If they go to war, they use bows. The bow snaga

4,000 snaga, rank 1 swordsmen: The snaga swordsmen. They use shortswords and very light armor

3,000 orcs, rank 2 infantry : Normal orcs with light armour and weapons. They use scimitars, medium armor and small shields

2,000 light warg riders, rank 3: Normal orcs on wargs with swords and medium armor

500 light warg riders bowmen, rank 3: Normal orcs on wargs with bows. Normal armor and they have a bit of skill

500 light warg riders, spears, rank 3: Normal orcs on wargs using spears

1,000 heavy warg riders, swordsmen rank 4: Heavy armoured uruks on armoured wargs. They can be deady in a plain fight but weaken in sieges. They can wield bows, swords like their weak "cousins"

1,000 heavy warg riders, bowmen, rank 4: The bow equivelant. They are skilled and they are a deadly mix of cavalry and bow

4,000 uruks, rank 3: Heavy armoured orcs with full helmets and armour. They use long pikes and deadly scimitars

1,000 shadow archers, rank 4:Very strong uruks with bows. They are picked from the best Uruks to kill stealthily their enemies. They are light armoured, however their armour is very strong and they are almost as skilled as elves.

2,000 shadow trackers, rank 4: They are light armoured and have stealth as their advantage. They can use both bows and swords. They find the enemies and slow them down because they are very fast and stealthy.

3,000 black uruks of the mountains, sword rank 5: They are one of the best orcs and very skilled. They use long and deadly pikes in tne first lines and long and deadly scimitars in the other lines. 1,000 of them are archers. They wear very strong armour and helmets with two spikes in the top.

2,000 black uruks of the mountains, pikemen rank 5: They hold long pikes and wear heavy black armor and are very skilled

5,000 Shadow Guards, rank 6: The finest advantage of the Shadow Empire. The Shadow Guards. Tall black orcs with red lines and red eyes. They have sharp teeth and no hair at all. All their body is covered by their black with datk red lines armour which had an extremely good quality. Most of them use weapons like Deatrok or pikes. They are bred for war and death. However they go to rank 6 against archers.

100 Dark Men, rank 8: The Shadow Empire often takes slaves that are used to build, to make food and make the best warriors. Their kids are trained from birth to become the best warriors and after a long tournament the survivors are handpicked by Sorthog. Along with the Guardians of Darkness, they guard the Shadow Cûrn and other major fortresses.

100 Guardians of Darkness, rank 8: Nobody knows what is hiding inside that black armour. Many say that Shadow Guards mixed with men are inside but nobody can answer that question. They guard the gates of Shadow Cûrn and they go to war only in the time of need. They have mithril trimmed helmets that are made by the two smiths. Black and dark red is their armour and their weapons, the most well made Dorons. They have been training for hundreds of years some say but nobody has seen one to know. Only the orcs that come from Shadow Cûrn have seen them and they don't even look at them.

20 Shadow Knights, Rank 10: The bodyguards of Sorthog. Picked from the best Shadow Guards. They bring death and eveyone is afraid of them. They ride on wargs and some times work alone because if you are a Shadow Knight, you have to prove yourself every second of your life because Sorthog can change you anytime

200 Olog hai of the mountains, Rank 6: Very strong heavy armoured trolls that crush their enemies.

200 Mountain Trolls, Rank 5: Huge trolls which kill everybody in their path.

Total: 31,620 but without the useless Snaga 23,620

The White Uruks (Please dont Edit this yet im still checking some of the ranks and numbers to balance them)

1 Apocalypse: Rank 15

1 Korthu: Rank 12

30 White Uruk Blood Knights: Rank 10 Usually 30 In number handpicked By Apocalypse 

4500 Goblin Rangers: rank 2 Light footed goblins that mimic the capabilities of rangers and taught how to survive well in the Lonelands and Misty Mountains. Are almost always scouters or roamers of the land to ambush foes. Use bows hard leather armor thats white or green and brown depending on where they are assigned

1100 SwordMasters: Rank 7 Highly Skilled soldiers every strike is planned and their weapons are their slaves. Trained From Birth

1500 Dire Wolves: rank 4  Enhanced wargs after spending centuries in forodwaith Smart and have a tradeing with the White Uruks.

750 Ravagers:Rank 8 White Uruks that ride Dire Wolves will use hammers, Spears and lances Heavily armored

4500 Goblins: Rank 1 weak orcs basic units mass amounts

2000 Gobin Riders: Rank 3 Ride Wargs into battle The lighht calvary of The White Uruks will use spears swords and halberds

1500 White Uruk: Rank 4 Stronger than Black Uruks and Uruk-hai

1000 White Uruk Archers: Rank 4

150 Siege Catapults

75 Dwarvish Battering Ram: Ram design stolen from the dwarves

40 Ballistas

50 Siege Tower: Pulled by trolls

1000 Warbat: Spies From Above also used to swarm enemies

300 Siege Trolls: Trolls that are specifically used for Sieges (Listed Below)

  • Regular: Push Siege weapons to their specified place
  • Catapult: Wear catapults and goblins on their backs with metal gauntlets annhilating enemy walls and stomping soldiers
  • Ram: Wear heavy metal head piece made to ram gates or big obstacles

Neutral Edit



Zane: 4 Without Relic. 16 In 2nd Form. 17 1/2 In Final Form

8,000 Infantry Swordsmen Rank 3

6,000 Bowmen Rank 3

15,000 Sailors (30 ships. 500 per) Rank 4

1,500 Elite Sailors (Zane's personal ship) Rank 8

5,000 Cavalry Rank 5

100 Sentinels Rank 9

30 Guardians Rank 10

8 Jurors Rank 12

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