Galim Edit

Galim is a traveling merchant adventurer hailing from the red mountains.

Weapons: Galim in heavily proficient with his hand crossbows Sandra and Sheena, on par with the best elven archers. Galim is also capable with throwing daggers and his scimitar which he only uses when enemies are too close for him to reload his crossbows.

Skills: Galim has travelled to every corner of Middle Earth and therefore capable of adapting to and knowing the land of any environment, as he is frequently in the wild he is a wizard at making traps from makeshift death traps to intricate devices. Being a merchant all his life he excels at reading people and has more charisma than imaginable in a human being.

Personality: Galim is a fun loving and sometimes reckless man, growing up around a race who's lifespans are 3-7 times his own he is confronted by his own mortality and has been driven to live life to the absolute fullest. A loyal friend to the death he will risk his life without a second thought and runs off a system of mutual trust.

Story: Galim was born to haridic merchants bit they were killed by bandits when he was just an infant. A dwarf traveller from the red mountains drove off the bandits and found Galim. He adopted Galim and raised him as his own son, he taught him the basics of everything he currently knows and is responsible for who he is. At the young age of 14 Galim started his travels and met a kind man named Glosur, oblivious to his power or Royal status Galim travelled by Glosurs side for the next week growing a strong bond. They would not meet for another 10 years when Glosur was on an adventure to reclaim a number of artifacts stolen by orcs in the days of old. Finally learning of Glosurs status Galim begged to tag along on what would be his very first adventure. After reclaiming the artifacts Galim was gifted with two crossbows of the finest make, darkwood frame, drawstring of the finest spider silk and firing mechanism of elvish steel, Galim would come to name these Sandra and Sheena. For the next decade Galim would go on many adventures sometimes alone, sometimes with Glosur, sometimes even making new friends. One such friend was Eureka Enderborn of the Grey Keep. There was much to Eureka that Galim did not know about but nontheless they were as good friends as any. Now he can be found at his home in the red mountains once a fortnight, the rest of the time he is usually at a tavern, selling his wares to the far reaches of middle earth, or having another adventure.

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