Glosur Darloc is the leader of the Union of the Silver Shield (also known as the Silverlocks or the Union). An enigmatic character who has a large impact on the world's culture and military.

Significant Events Edit

War with the Morédain Edit

Once he went to war with the Moredain faction, ending in a clear victory for the Union, The war was started by the Moredain chieftan, who looked upon the Harad mountains with envy and lust, so he gathered all his host and marched on the nearest dwarven stronghold, they massacred the dwarves, being known as the night of tears for the union, the next day it was followed by a large will of Vengance, Glorin, the leader of the southern dwarven lands, led a large host towards the taken stronghold, while his lead commander, Galmor Druin, led a large host into the moredain heartlands, and set the plains ablaze, almost 1,000 moredain camps and temples were burned at his hand. However a dagger to the side left him out of the final battle. After the plains were burned to a black mess, Galmor led his host back to join with Glorin, who was laying siege to the taken stronghold, When Galmor arrived, the gates were broken and the Moredain army was destroyed. Their chiefans head was mounted on a pike outside the gates to show what would happen if the Moredain attempted this again. and the Moredain now call it "The battle of the burning plains" and it was their largest defeat yet, and let Union allies, the Tauredain, gain a foothold in the forest again.

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