Johan the Dispirited , or simply Johan, is a travelling Dunédain that frequently wanders around the wilderness surrounding the Misty Mountains and The Shire. He is commonly seen as a weary traveller, a stealthy rogue, a skilled warrior or a capable hunter.

Personality Edit

Johan is typically portrayed as an enigma; he tends to keep his intentions, reasoning, history, past and origins to himself. He can act quite apathetic or indifferent, which only distills some fear in others. He has a cold and heartless demeanor, and if the need arises, he can kill easily without any sort of long term repurcussions on his psyche.

He is also calculating and silent; not talkative or merry in most cases unless he sees the need to act like it. He tends to size up opponents not by their appearance, but rather their behaviour and skill in combat.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Johan is an expert swordsman, although he usuallly uses a variety of close range and ranged weapons such as his trusty longsword, an elven dagger, throwing knives, and bow and arrow.

His equipment usually consists of a dirty brown or dark green cloak paired with a hood and a scarf that conceals his face, as well as a pair of high and sturdy boots. Under his cloak he either wears simple clothes or some sort of lightweight black leather armor that offers decent physical protection.

Trivia Edit

  • Johan is Alador1666's first character on the wiki.
  • Johan the Dispirited is sort of inspired by another dispirited character of Alador1666, which is a TES counterpart to Johan.
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