Intro Edit

Kumulk Kor of kor's, a man of the noble class, yet also a man of the people. A warrior, father, and a god. But also a man of the dark, a thief, and a greedy man. But who cares? He is kumulk, lord of the Hutain and sacred guard of his people.

Early life Edit

He was born in the year 3014 (Kor's calander) in the small town of Hinthu. His father was Kor the swift and his mother Shima of Kato. He is the second son of the kor the first being Kato. At a young age he gained a love for the arts and a sense of military pride, and he soon decided to join the royal guard and lead a company. He was in the battles of Azdubad, The Bloody Plains, and The Red Crest, yet he lived.... Now enough with that, he soon was one of the few heirs left to become Kor. He and four of his brothers and sisters traveled to the sacred hill of Kinu to decide who would be the next kor, yada yada yada, they pick Kumulk. (Face palms.)

As kor Edit

As kor Kumulk was a fair ruler. He did not wage many wars and helped bring wealth to all peoples in his nation. Of course he did some bad and some good, at least the good out weighed the bad for him. He has his name attached to many things like the grand temples, the many statues built during his reign, and his long lasting Dynasty of Kor's.

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