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Lothlórien is a kingdom of Silvan Elves on the eastern side of the Hithaeglir (Misty Mountains). It is considered one of the most beautiful and "elvish" places in Middle-earth during the Third Age, and has the only mallorn-trees east of the sea.


The History of Lothlórien


Lothlórien stands between the southeastern end of the Misty Mountains and the Anduin. The river Celebrant runs through the wood, from its source in the Misty Mountains to the west, through to the Anduin to the east. In the centre of the wood lies Cerin Amroth, the hill from which the last Prince of Lórien ruled. In the angle where Celebrant flows into Anduin stands Caras Galadhon.

In its earlier days, the woods of Lothlórien extended south into Fangorn Forest. In these days there was no true border between the two territories, though after conversation between Treebeard and the King of the Golden Wood it was agreed that the inhabitants of either land could walk freely at their leisure across whatever borders there may be. It is also possible that the woods of Lórien extended into the southern regions of Greenwood the Great, though there is only a small amount of evidence supporting this possibility. By the Third Age, Lórien was separate from Fangorn in the south and Mirkwood in the east by many miles.


Lórien mostly consists of Silvan Elves, with a smaller Sindarin population. (Noldorin exiles from Eregion can be assumed but are not known, unless one consults Unfinished Tales.)


The following are a list of known characters who hail from Lórien:

Known Lothlórien Characters
Name Position Canon or RP
Celeborn of Doriath Lord of the Galadhrim Canon
Galadriel of Valinor Lady of the Galadhrim Canon
Haldir Senior Marchwarden Canon
Rúmil Marchwarden Canon
Orophin Marchwarden Canon
Faenor Celebrî Marchwarden RP (Fits with Canon)


Lórien's military mostly consists of highly skilled march-wardens, an irregular force armed with swords, bows, and spears. Garbed in grey robes and cloaks, they are invisible among the tree-stems of the Mallorns, and quite adept at concealing themselves anywhere they may be.