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  • Wiki still won't let me post lore...

    The Empire is a literal mess of languages from many trillions of trees, sounds, and species. The Empire employs many languages from those of the homeworld to the languages of the many cults and temples spread across the Empire. This post (sadly) will only be on the 'official' languages of the Empire the one's that are seen in every corner of the Empire.

    Their are two main languages in the Empire one being the high official language and then the common tongue used for daily conversations and mass communication. They are as follows:

    - Altum Lingua is the 'High Language' of the Empire used for formal ceremonies, the language of court and nobility, official documents, phrases and inscriptions, and on statues and prominent buildings. It is a language spoken fluently only by the upper classes of the Empire or scholars with the other classes expected to know a few words and important phrases.

    - Vulgar Lingua is the 'Low Language' or the 'common tongue' spoken across the Empire used as the basic means of communication and as a lingua franca. It is a bastardization of Altum Lingua with words loaned from many other (semi-related) languages and on top of that Empire wide and local slang.

    Any language that is not the two above tend to be placed under two categories: 'Chanting' or simply 'Gutter Speak'.

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  • Wiki won't post my lore currently...

    Diabo are a devilish looking species as well as rather mischievous and at times violent. Physically they look like what terrans call 'devils' with red skin, horns, and sharp teeth although they aren't just trigger happy as 'real' devils.

    Diablo in the universe

    They originate from the world known as Diablo a world on the fringes of both the Empire and civilized space. Within their territory ( a loose collection of colonies and worlds ruled by the ruling 'Great Clans') are vast amounts of fugitives, pimps, crime lords, and other shady figures all trying to hide from proper authorities, establish a home base for smuggling operations, as well as crime lords going on vacation in a place that accepts them.

    On their homeworld rules a powerful matriarchy of the heads of the 17 'Great Clans' each owning a series of other worlds and colonies with a iron fist. They are the ultimate authority within Diabo space and powerful crime lords with organizations stretching far into the known universe. Each matriarch is expected to have two massive fortresses one on their crown world and the other upon the home world.

    The males within Diabo society serve as warriors, laborers, and really slaves and it is because of this that males are usually seen outside of their space while it is rare for a female to be seen far from her fortress/manor.

    Males that wish to not be tied down by their rather strict, orthodox, and honestly restricting culture will run off to the stars or sell themselves to all sorts of places and 'masters' they tend to be used as thugs, enforcers, and marksmen (males are traditionally hunters on their home world). Other males are forced into the stars soled into slavery by their female masters or captured in slaving raids on the frontiers of Diabo space.

    Fors Mercia himself

    Some of these males have been able to rise through the ranks of crime syndicates and clans to become crime bosses in their own right. Others become successful bounty hunters or famous mercenaries. One of the most famous is the gambling mogul: Fors Mercia

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  • You've been knighted.

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  • The Custudo is by far the largest fighting force within the known universe, period. Within it's ranks are countless billions (even trillions) of troops fighting across many distant and remote galaxies spreading the dominance of the Empire where ever they go.

    Custudo soldier

    The Custudo is organized into many legions each 500,000 strong with each legion mainly having one main role (ex: Infantry, artillery, and so on) each legion is then expected to have minor branches of the other fields to have slight 'combined arms'. So every legion will have some tanks with some having mostly tanks and some infantry and so on.

    The Custudo can be described as a 'sledge hammer' being used as a rather blunt force of nature used to smash enemy formations, cities, and entire worlds. While other armies are all about stealth or mobility the Custudo is about either attrition or pure force using the force of arms to drive the enemy back as well use of combined arms for all sorts of operations and support.

    The main body of the custudo is of course the infantry drawn from countless worlds in either voluntary or forced nature. All soldiers are equipped with heavy armor, basic laser rifle, grenades, and MREs all of rather mass produced nature. Beyond the basic infantry are the specialists, artillery, command squads, and tank crews and gunners as well as 'Equestri' (mech troops). Beyond these are elite functions/troops that are either veterans or help bluster the ranks. Below this main body is the Auxilia split into non-citizen formations of generally light infantry or specialists the Rin need or like to use (Ex: Snipers, desert infantry, and so on)

    siege planning

    Extra formations are also formed like the 'Suicide Legions' and 'Penal Legions' although they are deemed of lesser statues and even below the Auxilia.

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  • (for what ever reason wiki didn't want to post this on the lore board)

    Ancient by even Rin standards, wicked and vile even too the Rin, it's the Thrall. While the Rin are the descendants of the Angels the Thrall descend from their ancient rivals the Mu. This has lead to lots of bad blood, frequent clashes, and general hatred yet each is far enough from the other (power base wise) that out right war has never really happened. Anyways enough on history/politics to the faction itself.

    Thrall on the war path

    The Thrall are an oligarchy or species with one, the 'Pure blooded'/'Untainted' being the 'master race' and the other known as hoardlings or well the Thrall (from which the faction takes it's name). Mixed in are the slaves they take, war beasts, and other monstrosities. While the Rin see beauty in order and perfection the Thrall see beauty in chaos and imperfection (really just failed perfection for them) a almost mirror image of each other just like their ancient fore mothers.
    Thrall Purebloods-2

    Pure bloods

    Thrall society is dominated by the lower class by "Might makes right." and the upper classes by unregulated greed and hoarding as well as plenty of fun power struggles. Their law tends to be rather brutal and one sided with the ruler ship really winning ever case, struggle, and feud at the expense of the lower classes.

    Now the upper classes are known as the 'Pure Bloods' this mainly comes from the either proper natural birth or the 'clean' cloning they use which keeps their race looking fair, 'pretty', and strong.

    The lower classes are born by semi-natural means now turn industrial. The Hoardlings are reptiles after all and thus are born in large 'breeding vats' the Pure Bloods just have now made them larger and put in chemicals for both more productivity and larger breeds.

    Thrall society and the Thrall Amalgamation (seeing as they aren't a united state) revolves around the petty warlords and tyrants fighting to expand their own fief while only coming together in dire need. This means while their territory is expansive it is also fractured and divided with many worlds being highly contested and in perpetual war between two or more clans.
    Thrall Hoardlings

    A mass of hoardlings

    Thrall warfare is the same way massive competing war bands that some times can capture worlds quicker due to rivalries and other times they get annhiliated completly. Really it dosen't matter as the Thrall have massive hoards of excess to throw at the enemy (they actually have to keep fighting due to the industrial amount of troops costing more resoucres then the Thrall can handle)

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  • Ready to take back Luli?

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    • After tomorrow my vacation will be over and I will have my pc back. I hate typing on a tablet so much, XD

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  • Check the LOTR Minecraft Mod Wiki ASAP!

    It's a miracle! Gonna be great!

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  • Is he like Genghis Khan or something?

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    • He is a famous General in Xin that rose up from the ranks to become a Dragon Marshal and seeing the corruption and decadence of the current dynasty set to over throw it.

      Name wise he is based off of Qin Shi-huangdi and character wise he is comparable to Napoleon.

      Xin doesn't have a Genghis Khan type chracter due to Xin's neighbors not being that organized currently.

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  • "Dictatorship, stellar tyranny, or what ever the hell you want to call us it's all a lie created by rabble like yourselves. The Empire brings order, peace, and stability to this galaxy of chaos no matter the cost we will survive and your planet and people will submit like it or not."

    - General Lucas Rex

    The Galactic Empire of Free Federal Republics or more simple the 'Empire' is a massive Empire stretching across it's home galaxy and it's satellites. This galaxy was once a battle ground between massive inter galactic Empires like the Rin and Nektan the natives where enslaved and slaughtered across the galaxy. That was until a militant order said "enough" and on that day the Empire was born it's mission to bring order and make the galaxy strong and independent by any means necessary this once 'good' organization slowly turned darker and darker as the eons passed and it grew more and more power till eventually it became the dictatorship it is today.

    A Dictatorship it is indeed. The Empire is ruled by military officials and nobles who take their answers from the many Stellar 'lords' and eventually the Emperor/Empress themselves. Although elected officials exist they have little say or power and can really only protest the governments actions.

    Generally such a nation wouldn't last long unless it both was brutal and was able to provide for it's people. While a dictatorship if one keeps their head down and ignores the corruption the Empire isn't a bad place to live it has wealth spread out across the populace and plenty of resources to go around. On the other hand the Empire is a police state as well with the police and military having no difference and both being made up of the same individuals. They are both brutal and swift when it comes to crime.

    Now the military is something the Empire loves. They have a big, fancy, and rather massive military armed with the best weapons and armor the Empire can provide (which are pretty good in a universal stand point) and are seen as heroes and other such titles.

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  • Here is the Administrative break down of Xin:

    5 Regions divided into 25 Provinces

    Each Province is divided into 36 prefectures

    Each Prefecture divided down into Counties

    Each County is broken down into Districts

    Each District is made up off 100 families and is made out of groups of 100 families (Li)


    Region: Dragon Lord/Prince

    Province: Dragon Duke

    Prefecture: Count

    County: Viscount

    District: Lord (feudal sense)

    Li: Elder or minor noble of sorts

    Note: Count and above are 'Administrative nobles' meaning they are part of the Bureaucracy while the Lords of Districts are feudal in nature.

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