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  • Hey Dragonbiscuit!

    I was just wondering were the Amuroan Empire was situated, as I couldn't find anything about it on the wiki. 


    (ps. Are you open to a possible alliance later?)

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  • you seem to like the violent and vice filled side of RPing, could you look this over for me and give me some of your thoughts over it?

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    • I think it's as usual for your, well thought out and articulated, though I think there needs to be some more focus to the behind the scenes, the strings being pulled, the investments and all that. I would suggest perhaps adding something highly sketchy into this, perhaps there's some sort of underground ring of merchants pulling all the strings on each fight & such or at least the government as Rin is known for.

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    • Well that's the purpose of the Guild Masters and Nobles they are contently fighting over trade routes and commodities.

      Although if anyone was pulling strings it would always come down to either the Nobility or the State.

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  • Now we don't have to stick to preexisting characters and personalities. You remember that Aegon's Conquest RP? I'm going off its continuity.

    It's the year 18 AC. After Aegon the Conquerer was roasted alive by his own dragon by accident, the throne legally passed to Visenya, as the first Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. After Aegon's death, the North surrendered. The capital became Harrenhal, as the center of the kingdom. Dorne continued to rule itself, and the Iron Islands held their Kingsmoot, choosing Galagon Drumm to be the Iron King. You are an important courtier in Harrenhal, and an advisor to King Maegor, the young king of the land, at eight-and-ten namedays. Maegor has called you into his throne room.

    Who are you?

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    • Patrick.vtap wrote:
      ((Maybe we can all have an ASOIAF Mini-RP, like this, set in an alt-history after the Conquest? I think that'd be cool.))

      Sure! I like this universe. No Iron Islands, no Dorne, Maegor's a good person, no Aenys. It's interesting.

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    • Maybe the North stayed independent after Aegon died? So we have 4 Kingdoms in Westeros: The Iron Islands, Dorne, The Kingdom of the North, and the Kingdom of the Iron Throne. 

      Another setting I find interesting is an alt-Blackfyre rebellion history, where the Battle of the Redgrass Field was a decisive Rebel victory.

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  • You up for one? If so..

    "Castle's almost in sight, Your Grace." Allard Darkholme yells to his king. Behind him, he can hear the grinding of teeth.

    "You mean the castle would be in sight if we could see." Stannis corrected sharply. "Because with this damned snow in the way.." He trailed off.

    "..We can't see anything." Allard finished for him. Stannis nodded.

    "And I've received news that Lord Seaworth is dead." The king replied, scowling like Allard had never seen him scowl before.

    (You're Team Dreadfort: Roose/Ramsay. I'm Team Dragonstone: Stannis/Melisandre/Davos.)

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    • Dragonbiscuit wrote:
      The man stammers "But... but..."

      "If you are truly on my side, you will appreciate my justice. You fought for the Boltons. You will stay imprisoned for.. say, a fortnight. I may release you. You must prove your loyalty."

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    • He nods and allows himself to be chained

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  • The Kargorn Horde crossed the red mountains looking for easy pickings only to find them selves staring into a massive wall that stretches for thousands of miles in either direction. Many mighty towers dot the wall and the horizon, this must be Xin. The Greatest kingdom in the East.

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  • The steps of the upcoming quest on TOA, for future reference:

    1. Go to the Castle of Old Rhovanion.

    2. Speak to King Gerrick Brande.

    3. Go down the south road to rescue Prince Duncan from Icelings.

    4. Return to the King and tell him who kidnapped his son.

    5. Go with Cyrus and Glenn up the north road into Dale.

    6. Find Melchior the Swordsmith

    7. Collect the shards of the sword and have the sword reforged.

    8. Take Vasilis and leave Melchior’s hut.

    9. Get captured by Queen’s Men.

    10. Escape your execution.

    11. Find the Nightfort.

    12. Rescue the resistance fighters; Amion, Entranger, and Tyltran.

    13. Confront the Night’s King.

    14. Defeat the Night’s King and his Cold Army.

    15. Fight Aegis; fight the Cold God.

    16. Wake up on Accalis.

    17. Explore Accalis

    18. Meet Jamie.

    19. Enter the palace and spy on the Queen’s court.

    20. Defeat Dalton & The Prophet.

    21. Wake up in Old Rhovanion.

    22. Defeat the Queen.

    23. Go with Glenn to Porre.

    24. Find Balthasar and Gaspar.

    25. Take the broken Time Staff.

    26. Go back to Accalis.

    27. Climb the Mountain of Woe.

    28. Defeat Gigas.

    29. Rescue Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthasar.

    30. Enter the Ocean Palace.

    31. Defeat Dalton and Samele.

    32. Watch Lisette summon the Cold God.

    33. Fight the Cold God.

    34. Recruit The Prophet; AKA Aegis; AKA Jamie.

    35. Get captured by Dalton.

    36. Fight your way through the Blackbird.

    37. Defeat Dalton and throw him off the Blackbird.

    38. Take the Blackbird to the Black Omen.

    39. Defeat Samele.

    40. Defeat the Cold God, rescue Lisette.

    41. Return to Old Rhovanion.

    42. Fight Dalton’s army.

    43. Protect Prince Duncan.

    44. Defeat Dalton.

    45. Defeat the Golem.

    46. Attend the funeral of Cyrus and the fallen of the Battle of Old Rhovanion.

    47. Have the funeral interrupted by Dalton, who hijacks the Blackbird and usurps Old Rhovanion.

    48. Enter the Irene Dimension

    49. Depart the Irene Dimension after defeating the New Prophet.

    50. Return to the ruined Old Rhovanion.

    51. Rescue Jamie from Icelings.

    52. Retrieve Vasilis.. Oh, it’s gone.

    53. Defeat the bandits that have stolen Vasilis.

    54. Go to Frostrun and offer to raise a host against the Night’s King with Lord Torrent.

    55. Defeat the Night’s King at Porre.

    56. Rescue the Gurus and Glenn, and then celebrate your defeat of the Night’s King.

    57. Attend Glenn’s wedding to Myrielle.

    58. Lay Vasilis to rest in the Hero’s Grove.

    59. Give the Blackbird and the Time Staff to Jamie.

    60. Depart the newly-reformed Kingdom of New Rhovanion.

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    • Also, Quest choices!

      Choice One: Spare the Night's King, or kill him?

      Choice Two: Spare Queen Nitherys, or kill her?

      Choice Three: Rescue the Gurus, or leave them to their fate?

      Choice Four: Rescue the resistance fighters, or leave them to their fate?

      Choice Five: Fight the Prophet, or recruit him?

      Choice Six: Spare Samele, or kill her?

      Choice Seven: Rescue Lisette, or leave her to her fate?

      Choice Eight: Retrieve Cyrus's body, or leave it to rot?

      Choice Nine: Retrieve Vasilis, or leave it with the bandits?

      Choice Ten: Keep Vasilis, or lay it in the Hero's Grove?

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    • ... I said we would. After your Crono stuff. We do Syraton. K? 

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  • You know what we could do? Use the ASOIAF  RP to change the path of Westeros history, and go from there, so that we can make a series of RPs - sort of a 'Canon' that Aramir was talking about.

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  • A bit of history on Ser Gaemon Velaryon.

    The youngest son of Lord Daemon Velaryon, Gaemon is first cousin to Aegon Targaryen. Seventeen years old, Gaemon is a recently anointed knight and quite adept swordsman. He is very handsome, with silver hair and sea-green eyes - the blood of old Valyria for sure. He is very loyal to Aegon and is a good friend of Orys and Rhaenys, but does not personally like Visenya, who he finds "No fun". As seen here, Gaemon is reckless, fun-loving, and very possibly mad, however in a good way. He has a habit of breaking into maniacal laughter during battle. So more Rhaegel mad than Aerys mad.

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  • Just invite Heart to the ASOIAF RP, alright?

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  • You know, people say your Zane is a horrible person, but I've learned from reading the Aphmau wiki that in canon, Zane idolizes his father and hates both his brothers, and TOA Zane hates his father and loves both his brothers, so I don't see why he's so bad (other than the civilian massacres & spontaneous war starting).

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