The Morgul Lord

aka The Witch-king of Angmar

  • I live in Minas Morgul
  • I was born on March 1
  • My occupation is Captain of Mordor
  • I am Male
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  • A while ago, I stormed off, but I have some other, perhaps more reasonable ideas, and I would be happy to talk to you about them. I can only say that the other's involvement made me irrationally angry.

    P.S. anyone who intervenes here risks facing my wrath.

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  • Long ago, on the old wiki, a user named JoetheBladeMaster made an RP based around The Fellowship of the Ring. In fact, it was my first RP. Being one of my favorite classics, it inspired me to make my own reboot on this wiki, and by some miracle, became one of the longest running RPs on the wiki. Unfortunately, there came a time when I left the wiki, and the RP came to a standstill. However, with my return, and some discussion, it has been decided that the RP will be rebooted once more.

    Frodo Baggins of the Shire has brought the ring to Rivendell. Lord Elrond has called forth a secret council, to form a Fellowship of the Ring. Nine members will be chosen, and one of them must bear the One Ring to Mount Doom, and destroy it before Sauron can reclaim it, and gain dominion over Middle-earth...

    Character Template:

    DISCLAIMER: As of now, only 3 spaces are available on the fellowship. Anyone can be an external character so long as it fits the rules stated below.










    The first nine members of the RP will be a member of the fellowship. Someone will be the ringbearer, and we will have a vote. If you do not want to be an option for the poll, you can state so when making your profile. You don't have to take the same path as in the book. If you want, you can break the fellowship so long as it makes sense for the breaking to occur. Anybody who joins the RP later on can act as a major character outside of the fellowship. Anybody can have a canon character intervene, but you cannot have your primary character be a canon character. You can only have one character. You may also make a reference to any other characters you have when appropriate. You know the usual RP rules, follow them and everything will work out. Have fun!

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      It is the morning of the council meeting. You are summoned secretly, to ensure that nobody else follows. When you get there, you see that some people are already there. A few men (two of which are Aragorn and Boromir), a few Elves (one being Legolas), a couple Erebor Dwarves (Gimli and Glóin), two Hobbits (Frodo and Bilbo), and Gandalf. You also see Elrond. When you are all seated, he speaks.

      "Strangers feom distant lands, friends of old, you have been summoned here to answer the threat of Mordor. Middle-earth stands upon the brink of destruction; none can escape it. You will unite or you will fall. Each race is bound to this fate, this one doom. Bring forth the ring, Frodo."

      At that moment, the younger Hobbit walks up to the the center of the meeting area, and places the ring on the table.

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  • This is generally considered to be the best overall story I've done:,_Cakes_and_Conspiracies

    I'm rather proud of it, and if you'd like a laugh, I would highly recommend it.

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