Princes Lucina cesio Fasti, or the lost princess. She is a Female rin that was exiled by the empire many years ago, she was picked up and adopted by the templar's. She serves as a diplomat and advisor.

Early Life Edit

Lucina was born to the wealthy upper class family Cesio, notice the emperors come from that family, and clan Fasti. Her father was fastus the nephew of the emperor and a renowned general. Her mother was Lady Aria the angel of Luna one of the very few Rin to be blessed with wings at birth.

Lucina being one of the royal family was spared from a traditional Rin life. She was allowed to live with her family and not forced to a state academy.

Instead of a state education she received a personal tutor, a man named Bergo. Bergo was a terran from the far off colony of vex.

During the Great Civil War she was taken too the fortress moon of Antor and stayed their for the duration of the war. It is there where she learned the magic of her crystal.

Exile Edit

Lucina was exiled shortly after her fathers public execution and her mother's self exile into dead space.

Life with the Templar Edit

In a way she was adopted by the templar after her exile. She has become the head diplomat and advisor when it comes to Rin issues.

She fell in love with, and later married, Commander Jonathan Lance, High Master of The Templar.

Appearance Edit

Lucina is much like other female Rin, fair skinned, elvish features and ears, and white hair. She is much smaller then other Rin females and much lighter. She is always seen in her dress unless well.... she is in battle then she has a light combat suit.

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