The High command of the Rin military and Government. (A list of important characters I plan to use often.) They can also be targets for assassination.

Flavious Bruti:

A ducis (Duke) of the Kin colonies of the milky way. He comes from a long line of military governors. In the fleet he holds the rank of admiral but recently he was granted the title of Ducis of the milky way galaxy.

He is a kind hearted man that wants to find a new homeland for his people. He believes in peaceful conversion and only uses military force when necessary.

Grand Admiral Lucus maximus:

Known as a Grand admiral publicly, but secretly he is the head of the secret police and special operation forces. Not much is known of his private life but it is rumored he is engaged to the emperor's daughter.

He is cold and collective. Not afraid to use military force to get what he wants.

Theodosia lustia:

The Head scientist of the Rin Science ministry. She looks after the the Zato within Rin space and also conducts the weapons test of the proto-type weapons.

She is a young Rin, naive, and over all a good person forced to fight a war she does not wish

Grand admiral Marcus:

He is one of the seven council members. He is the head of the Sun legion's and is one of the Rin's best commanders.

His private life is unknown. But he is rumored to be the polemarch

Admiral Remus:

The vice commander the Lucus. He is head of the legions under his command as well as being Lucus's adopted heir.

He was born on one of the outer colonies and is proud of it. He is also a lover of the arts and music.

Vice Admiral Darius:

The head of the military science and research board. Know for his cruel tests and the unspeakable horrors he has created. He has also been promoted to admiral of the sunter colonies.

Not much is known about his private life other then he has a Black Pomeranian as his pet.

Grand General Jovius:

The head of the legions and a personal friend to the emperor and his family.

Privately he has a terran lover.

Admiral Seutonius:

A respected and well decorated admiral. He was appointed the Baron Neptune and leader of the Sol legions. Not to be confused with the duke of the milky way.

Privately he is a lover or terran arts and collects a few pieces for his own use.

Vice Admiral Flavius:

The baron of the coreworlds and a rich and wealthy man.

Privately he also commanders the executors.

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