A Brief Introduction Edit

These rules are the culmination of a months long battle between staff over a user who caused many problems. Including sock puppets, rage, argument leakage, and destroying many RPs... These apply to all of us, no matter how well behaved.

Topics Covered Edit

A. Whether wikia policy is part of our policy

B. What godmodding, metagaming, OP, and Tardis Effect mean, and how they shall be dealt with.

C. How wiki wide breaches in peace are to be dealt with. Much of the damage done by the things in section B. are exacerbated by feuding amongst both staff, and plain users about how to deal with the criminal responsible. Plus, the occasional argument that spills over into blogs, other RPs, and message walls are nuisances that need to be snipped at the bud.

D. Sentencing for offenders; I have come up with a basic, and open to negotiation range.

The Rules Edit

Stage 1 (Nuisance) Being demoted temporarily, banned from a RP, let the other RPers decide whether to let you in rather than the GM, etc.

Stage 2 (Disruptive) Being banned for 1-2 days depending upon severity.

Stage 3 (Destructive) Being banned for 1-2 weeks depending upon severity.

Stage 4 (Dire) Being banned for 1-2 months depending on severity.

Stage 5 (Summary execution) Being banned infinitely, with no negotiation, all sockpuppets are to be banned on sight with no quarter given.

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