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The Misty Mountains form a "T" shape with the Angmar Mountains and the Grey Mountains, inside of which is the Withered Heath, home to the last remaining cold drakes and were-worms. It runs 795 miles to the south, until the Gap of Rohan, a fertile valley that separates the Misty Mountains from the White Mountains. the Misty Mountains are the most high in Middle-Earth, and some important peaks in the Misties include Caradhras,

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In the first age, Melkor raised the Misty Mountains as a barrier for Orome, stopping him from hunting the creatures of darkness. Later, it served as a deterrent for the Elves to cross into Beleriand.

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An ancient war tower planted in the side of a mountain. It lies in the North-centre of the Withered Heath and is known for the huge network of catacombs inside it. The site is famous for being where Polmar Macebearer, the first wielder of Korlan and the ancestor of Farnin IV Macebearer fought the young dragon Bursk the Ashen and died, slaying the other dragon in the process. It has also appeared in the story Shadows Clash where it is the battleground for Daechir, Guruthos and Sorthog.

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