"At first, the Terrans always seemed so rushed and high-strung. It was a little difficult to take them seriously. But now we know better. Terrans are creatures of action. They pursue their goals with an indomitable determination. It is an admirable trait. When someone tries to take what they have, they fight tooth and nail to keep hold of it. And because their lives are short, they are prepared to sell them dearly in the line of duty, more so than any other race I have ever encountered."

-Claz'zakla, Veydreth Hunter

The Terran Alliance is an interstellar nation composed of numerous species, cooperating for the safety and betterment of all those involved. The Alliance is considered a superpower of the Milky Way, and it is the most popular member of the Galactic Council. They are often the ones who enforce Council law.

There are five species which are full, proper members of the Terran Alliance. There are, of course, the Terrans, sometimes known as Humans, who originate from the planet Terra. The Terrans are very diverse across their own planet, not to mention the rest of the galaxy. There are also four other alien species in the Alliance, which are as follows below.

Terathians: The Terathians are an insectile humanoid race, reminiscent in some ways of arachnids back on Terra. They originate from the planet Terath. The Terathians are the least populous racial member of the Alliance.

Hondaarans: the Hondaarans are a silicon based race that seems to be able to shape themselves. They often take the shape of Terrans, who they admire greatly. They come from the planet Hondaar.

Trilosians: The Trilosians are aquatic beings from the ocean planet Trilosi. They look humanoid, but with grey scaled skin, webbed hands and feet, no nose or obvious ears, and tentacle beards in the manner of Davy Jones. They mostly occupy the oceans of Alliance worlds, but thanks to technology can visit the surface whenever they want.

Veydreth: The Veydreth are one of the more populous races in the Alliance, second only to the Terrans themselves. They are often called Star Dragons, due to both their appearance and ferocity. The Alliance actually fought them for a short time, until the Veydreth decided the Alliance was worthy and agreed to join them, eager for the plunder and combat that life in the Alliance would bring to them. Nowhere can you find more natural-born warriors in the Alliance than the Veydreth.

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