• This would essentially be the council meeting found in The Fellowship of the ring, but with something that all other Fellowship Rps lack: The election of who all goes on the Ring Quest. The idea behind this is to have 15-20 people participate in the council about the Ring. While it would be somewhat guided by the book, the addition of characters (hopefully from new members) would certainly liven things up.

    Before all of y'all think that such an exclusion would be unfair, there would be other quests that need to be completed. Thus, the meeting would include the discussion of those quests too. 

    In short, this Rp is a springboard into the Fellowship Rp & 1-2 others depending on the number of people. In order to make this work, I need quite a few people to lead the quests that follow, not to mention alternative quest ideas.

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    • I like it and I would totally join.

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    • I don't know if I understand...

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    • Edacnik wrote:
      I don't know if I understand...

      The Fellowship Rp and Two others will be started off from this one, depending on how many people want to do this. 

      If players do not make the Fellowship Rp, then they could participate in either the Defense of the Lonely Mountain RP or the Defense of Gondor RP (There might only be one used, but these two battles would certainly help Middle Earth.) Would anyone be interested in hosting these ideas? Notice this council meeting has to happen before any of these RPs can start.

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    • I'm in the process of making of-sorts a 2nd Fellowship RP quite soon

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    • I'd join this RP

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    • Patrick.vtap wrote:
      I'm in the process of making of-sorts a 2nd Fellowship RP quite soon

      Because I'll soon become too busy to host Rps, why not just put your fellowship story where the council leaves off?

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    • Perhaps

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    • A FANDOM user
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