• Someone asks a question (it can be basically anything) and the other players give each of their characters responses. I'll start it.

    What do you consider your greatest strength?

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    • Inane: "Money, looks, and more money."

      The Emperor: "Look at a map."

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    • Pane: "Impeccable battle record"

      Xiuhcoatl: "Strength"

      Galim: "Clearly my charm"

      Guruthos: "Hatred, hatred for everything"

      Edith: "my Wit"

      Astrid: "Zeal"

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    • Okay new question.

      If you could live anywhere and in any (past) time period, where would you live?

      *note: there is a right answer, and you will be graded*

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    • Aramir's question:

      Faenor - 'My love for this land, and a stout bow.'

      Azarias - 'I would prefer to say my intelligence or my honesty, but in reality I suppose it is my ability to lay waste to the planet if I chose to do so.'

      Crowley - 'The ability to turn the enemy's greatest strength against them. It's delightfully droll.'

      Azusa - 'I do not have a greatest strength; if I were to choose one, it would be the rock I stand upon, my people and their unwavering faith in me.'

      Catfish's question:

      All: 'We're split between Napoleonic Wars-era Europe and Sengoku Jidai-era Japan.'

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    • Aramir's Question:

      Azruben -- Probably my good looks. Gold, too. Lots of gold.

      Azrael -- My ability to bring justice to those that deserve it.

      Artoria -- Probably my gift for magecraft. It's quite helpful.

      Catfish's Question:

      Azriben -- Golden Age of Piracy

      Azrael -- Somewhere nice and quiet, where I can retire and die one day.

      Artoria -- Unsure

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    • Draugluin: Teeth

      Valen: I like the beak 


      Draug: the neolithic

      Valen: far enough in the future for my work to be unnescesary

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    • Catfish:

      Pane "Either the war against morgoth or the first fight against sauron"

      Galim "there's no time like the present"

      Guruthos "I would go to the death of my love. Maybe, jut maybe I could stop it"

      Xiuhcoatl "to the days of old when warriors of great renown walked the earth"

      Astrid "to the far future, without heresy"

      Edith "its just fine when I am now"

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    • My own question(because I feel narcissistic right now)

      Marius: My charm, and if that fails, my skill with the blade.

      Antimarius: My intellect.

      Tacitus: My mind and my body, not to mention a healthy dose of psychopathic ruthlessness.

      Arahad: I have a very specific skill set...

      Hakon Shattershield: My ability to reason with people instead of smashing their skulls in... and then smashing their skulls in if that doesn't work.

      Asta Hakonsdottir: My ferocity in battle.

      Catfish's question

      Marius: I like these "Byzantine" guys...

      Antimarius: The Renaissance. Preferably in a Protestant country so the papacy couldn't get in the way of my less reputable work.

      Tacitus: To the inferno with real timeframes, put me in these novels about Westeros, dammit. I want my rear on that throne!

      Arahad: Whackjob... I would like to see a time where slavery has been truly eradicated.

      Hakon: Viking Age, obviously. Lots of opportunity for good plunder and the kings aren't really strong enough to stop you, unlike the "Golden Age" of piracy.

      Asta: Stick me with Boudica, or Atilla. Just don't put me with the Victorians or Chinese, and I'll be fine. Definitely not with fundamentalist Moslems.

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    • Aramirs:

      Arthrain: I'm not stupid enough to tell you. 


      Arthrain: The era of Caesar, what a time to rise through the ranks...

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    • Napoleonic soldiers joked that every private kept a marshal's baton in his backpack for a reason, you know.

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    • You are forced to fight a duel. You don't know who your opponent is or what they'll be using. What single weapon do you bring?

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    • Me I guess...: "As my old uncle always used to to say, can't go wrong with a few nuclear warheads! That was before he got cancer from radiation poisoning..."

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    • Arthrain: Logic would dictate a shield made of the finest material, mithril, valyrian steel or something. As one could block most incoming weapons and still kill someone with the rim.

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    • Pane: A rapier of course. The gentlemans dueling weapon

      Galim: Hand crossbow. Ain't nobody fast as me on the draw

      Xiuhcoatl: Starscream, my own macuahuitl

      Guruthos: The longsword. A true Knights weapon

      Astrid: No weapon is substitute for zeal

      Edith: A bolter

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    • Marius: I'd bring a longsword. Preferably this longsword.

      Antimarius: My custom crossbow. I would run, hide, and shoot my foe in the eye from 150 meters.

      Tacitus: A lucerne hammer. I will sunder your guard and relieve you of your grief about it.

      Arahad: Damn, that's a hard one. I'm not sure to say my cut-and-thrust sword or my mace, and I'm unwilling to risk that a bow wouldn't include the arrows.

      Hakon: My greataxe.

      Asta: A spear.

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    • Draugluin: *laughs*

      Valen: my mind... or a quarterstaff

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    • Me: Stick

      Emperor: Bigger Stick

      God: Holy divine stick of divine retribution and utter awe

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    • Question: What cause would you sacrifice your life for? None is not an answer.

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    • Draugluin: Family, Honour, Freedom and Food

      Valen: There is only one righteous cause from which all others stem. If my life must be forfeit for the wellbeing of others, so be it.

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    • Marius(pre-warrior philosopher-ication): Going down in glory, to be remembered forever with a great monument.

      Marius(post-badass warrior philosopher-ication): For the cause of righteousness. Unpopularity gained by doing the right thing is not truly unpopularity but glory; If the world decides I do not deserve a monument then so be it.

      Antimarius: My work.

      Tacitus: I'm pretty sure I'd just trick someone else into doing it for me.

      Arahad: Revenge for my sister.

      Hakon: To protect Asta.

      Asta: *shrugs* Valhalla.

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    • Pane: if I had ever gotten around to starting a family, maybe them

      Galim: any good friend

      Guruthos: I believe I have a life to give

      Xiuhcoatl: I would take a mortal wound if it were the only way to beat the greatest warrior ever. At that point I wouldn't have more reason to live

      Astrid: I would become a martyr if the gods asked it

      Edith: For the Emperor!

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    • Aramir's question:

      Faenor - 'My sword. The bow is not exactly a weapon for dueling.'

      Azarias - 'If I had to fight a duel, I'd probably use a sword.'

      Crowley - 'Does the Seventh Magic count as a single weapon?'

      Azusa - 'A lightsaber, of course.'

      Dragon's question:

      Faenor - 'To defeat the dark Power and return the world to peace.'

      Azarias - 'I would lay down my life if it meant protecting the world in a meaningful and lasting way.'

      Crowley - 'I gave my life to the cause of searching for the truth. If that means dying in the process, then at least I hope it was worth it.'

      Azusa - 'There is no greater honor than to die for one's country.'

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    • Es lebe der Kaiser! Für das Vaterland! Preußens Gloria!

      Shuts mouth abruptly
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    • Ave Imperator!

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    • Heil Hitler!

      -jk pls no ban

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    • Nazi jokes are way out of mein kampfort zone.

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    • Aaaaannnyyyywaaaaayyyy...

      You ever gotten laid?

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    • wrote:
      Heil Hitler!

      i agree

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    • Pane: In the days of my youth, yes. There was a girl.

      Galim: *he looks very pained. You've brought up a terrible and sad menory*

      Xiuhcoatl: Who has time for carnal pleasure in between training and fighting?

      Guruthos: No

      Astrid: Excuse me? Inquisitor's do not partake in such an indulgence

      Edith: Well, it's been a couple weeks since the last time.

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    • Faenor - 'I am an Elf. I am not married. So no.'

      Azarias - 'I'd... prefer not to answer that.'

      Crowley - 'Hmph.'

      Azusa - 'I have two daughters... We don't pop out of holes in the ground.'

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    • Antimarius: Yes we do, but the hole isn't in the ground...

      Everyone else: *facepalms*

      Marius: I was rather promiscuous before I met Camilla. Now I'm living like a monk. I won't marry her until she wants to marry me in return.

      Antimarius: Only when I had to produce some heirs.

      Marius: *whispering* Political marriage, and he doesn't care for such things anyway. He doesn't even care she's having an affair.

      Tacitus: When I was obligated to produce a few heirs, and when I'm bored with other things or am stressed.

      Arahad: My line of work is not conducive to a relationship, so only when I had cash and a wish to.. relax a bit. Then I partnered with Asta.

      Hakon: Only with Gunnhilde, and she died when Asta was this tall *holds hand about three feet from the ground*

      Asta: I've done a lot of ravaging after raids in the past. What?! It's not rape, there're a lot fewer complaints about it for starters...

      Hakon: I screwed up on my own. I screwed up so badly ...

      Arahad: I can attest to that!

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    • Arthrain: My time in Morgoth's service did not allow for such. 

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    • Fenrir: Sex 24/7 kek

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    • Fenrir lokisen wrote: Fenrir: Sex 24/7 kek

      That sounds... painful..

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    • Catfishperson wrote:

      Fenrir lokisen wrote: Fenrir: Sex 24/7 kek

      That sounds... painful..

      Ye I mean eventually one would pass out I believe

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    • There is a species of marsupial which spends two weeks constantly mating, after which they die of sexual exhaustion (the males)

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    • Dragonbiscuit wrote:

      Catfishperson wrote:

      Fenrir lokisen wrote: Fenrir: Sex 24/7 kek

      That sounds... painful..

      Ye I mean eventually one would pass out I believe

      Dude the dehydration would be the worst part.

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    • New question. Would you rather fight 100 hamster sized hippos, or 1 hippo sized hamster?

      Fun fact of the day: Hamsters hunt in packs in the wild, which is absolutely terrifying.)

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    • Fenrir: I killz both with dick

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    • Catfishperson wrote:
      New question. Would you rather fight 100 hamster sized hippos, or 1 hippo sized hamster?

      Fun fact of the day: Hamsters hunt in packs in the wild, which is absolutely terrifying.)

      1 hippo-sized hamster, proportions would have it that it couldn't support itself on its legs. Easy kill when your enemy can't move.

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    • Either, the circulatory and nueral issues alone would kill the poor creatures within minutes

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    • ^ Indeed

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    • What would you do if you were stuck in a survival situation with an Orc?

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    • Beat the daylights out of him.

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    • Kill him, rifle through his corpse for anything of value, and leave him to attract predators, which I can then follow to something edible.

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    • A FANDOM user
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