• Sorry, couldn't resist invoking the trope. It is twenty years into the reign of King Elessar. Rohan and the Reunited Kingdom are flourishing. The High Elves are mostly gone, though some remain. The Wood Elves are thriving however, and the Avari are, well, they're the Avari. The Dwarves are also prosperous, but some of the youngest are voluntarily living among Men instead if they are near; to the elder Dwarves this is very troubling. The exception to this trend are the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain.

    To the East and South, trade is flourishing; treaties with the Men of those regions has brought many exotic goods west, ranging from Haradrim sugar and kafay to Xin silk and spices. All Minas Anor needs is some everything nice and they could start a little girl factory.

    The only real issue this past year, in fact, was the tragic death of the old Atmoran King Decimus. A few months ago he simply took ill and died. He and his twin sons, Marius and Antimarius had been a near unstoppable trio alongside Elessar and King Eomer on their joint campaigns. Marius as a charismatic asskicker who led from the front beaide the great kings and Antimarius as the genius behind many a winning strategy. And Decimus was the level-headed center on which the other two rotated. Many leaders had genuinely liked the man for his common sense and honesty. After the funeral, Marius disappeared, and Antimarius withdrew into his studies.

    But there was another son. Tacitus, arguably the most deadly and intelligent of the three brothers, was the heir. People hardly ever see him these days, but just this week he launched an attack on one of the independent city-states between the Atmoran and Xin territories. It was not long after that you received a letter from an anonymous person, telling you to meet him at an inn in Dale called the Rotting Dragon. The sign is supposed to have an image of Smaug's corpse on it. The sender only said that you have specific skills he needs. They also instruct that you are to go up to the bar, tap on the counter three times, and ask thw innkeep to rent the cellar room. It says she will know what to do from there. You can investigate or ignore it, up to you... but then, you'd never know what would javw happened, would you?

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