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    Diabo are a devilish looking species as well as rather mischievous and at times violent. Physically they look like what terrans call 'devils' with red skin, horns, and sharp teeth although they aren't just trigger happy as 'real' devils.

    Diablo in the universe

    They originate from the world known as Diablo a world on the fringes of both the Empire and civilized space. Within their territory ( a loose collection of colonies and worlds ruled by the ruling 'Great Clans') are vast amounts of fugitives, pimps, crime lords, and other shady figures all trying to hide from proper authorities, establish a home base for smuggling operations, as well as crime lords going on vacation in a place that accepts them.

    On their homeworld rules a powerful matriarchy of the heads of the 17 'Great Clans' each owning a series of other worlds and colonies with a iron fist. They are the ultimate authority within Diabo space and powerful crime lords with organizations stretching far into the known universe. Each matriarch is expected to have two massive fortresses one on their crown world and the other upon the home world.

    The males within Diabo society serve as warriors, laborers, and really slaves and it is because of this that males are usually seen outside of their space while it is rare for a female to be seen far from her fortress/manor.

    Males that wish to not be tied down by their rather strict, orthodox, and honestly restricting culture will run off to the stars or sell themselves to all sorts of places and 'masters' they tend to be used as thugs, enforcers, and marksmen (males are traditionally hunters on their home world). Other males are forced into the stars soled into slavery by their female masters or captured in slaving raids on the frontiers of Diabo space.

    Fors Mercia himself

    Some of these males have been able to rise through the ranks of crime syndicates and clans to become crime bosses in their own right. Others become successful bounty hunters or famous mercenaries. One of the most famous is the gambling mogul: Fors Mercia

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