"We are the Damned Ones, those doomed to the Iron Hells because of our actions and our misfortune, as well as the bad choices of a diety. Make no mistake, those who join us take our fate upon themselves..." -Tybereous of Utumno

The Tormented Elves are a race of elves who were tortured and changed by Morgoth in the first age. They kept their relatively elvish form and wits because Morgoth wished them to. He needed an elite unit of spies, and Orcs just don't have the talent needed. Today they are an independent species living in the cold North of Forodwaith, in the ancient Fortress of Utumno.

Appearance Edit

Tormented Elves are generally grey-skinned and white haired, with angry red eyes. Most have prominent scars from their torture at Morgoth's hand. Their skin color can vary from pale to almost black however, and their hair is sometimes jet black. There are few occasions of variation in eye color, usually a color similar to red such as orange or yellow. They are generally around 6' 4", and 150 lbs. They are elvish in posture.

Allegiance Edit

The Tormented Elves take no one side, in the wars between 'Good' and 'Evil'.

Story Edit

During the first age, when Morgoth captured elves and tormented them to make Orcs, a few elves were slightly preserved by Morgoth. Despite how he acts sometimes, Morgoth is really quite devious. He understood that Orcs did not have the skill or coordination necessary to be effective spies, assassins, and scouts. So some of the elves he tormented were not turned to Orcs. They were the first to know of the Valar's assault on Utumno, and they had the perfect hiding place. The 'free' elves, took refuge in this secret place during the assault and for many years after. When they emerged, their numbers had grown to about 400 from about 100. They roamed Utumno, but to their dismay, found it sealed. They claimed the upper portion for themselves. Unfortunately, some other creatures survived as well, including Orcs. There was a long war for Utumno, which eventually ended up awakening a great Wyrm (A type of Dragon). This Wyrm was called Naloth. It terrorized both armies.

While they were distracted with the Wyrm, another faction rose up to be an almost greater threat. A few Vampires, led by Farnin, released an ancient terror: Thuringwethil. They were ancient enemies. There was a great battle, and both were killed.

Meanwhile, Tybereous is dealing with another threat. A Wraith named Sorthog had come from the south to retake Morgoth's ancient fortress. By goading him into anger, Tybereous was able to defeat him, but not kill him.

During the conflict, an exit was found by an elf named Electhor and a werewolf named Draugluin. Utumno had long been thought sealed, and the Elves trapped. But with this discovery, the Tormented Elves were given free reign of Middle Earth.

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