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Umbar Geography:

Umbar proper, or the peninsula of Umbar, is a rocky peninsula. The soil is mostly rocky, and few forests are here. The olive tree is extremely prevalent in Umbar, and it is a main export. The land is mostly grass fields dotted with boulders. The gulf of Umbar is a warm sea, and has the perfect a courage for ships. The land is nourished by the river Haraduin, and the river valley is very fertile, and less rocky. Cerin Umbar is located on the coast, near a large port for the mighty Umbaran ships. The citadel of Umbar is located in an island just off the coast, connected to the mainland by a mighty bridge. There are 7 main cities in the Umbaran peninsula, which are:

Tirith Falathrim


Cair Harnen  (commonly known as the City of Corsairs)



A semi-independent state within Umbar. The people that inhabit it hail from the lands just east of the border with Harad. They are a very strange people, like Umbarans in some ways, but different in many others. Although loyal to the Crown, they will not hesitate to fight against Umbar if it is for what they believe to be the "greater good". They are ruled by the Kors-the leaders of their people, and who are considered gods by many. What is known of their culture is largely kept secret by the Elders, though it is known that they do have there own tongue, architecture and more. The Kingdom is ruled by the Kor, then to a lesser degree the Many Noble Houses. Within the Royal family exists two clans-the Kumra and the Daso.

Cerin Umbar

Arnen Annun

Other Lands in Umbar's Sway

The Princes of Korhold

The Lords of Agjitaz

A sultan of Harad who went rogue, and was conquered by Umbar. Has very wealthy lands, and extensive gold mines.

The Cheftaindom of Taured Melegyrn

A group of mixed Numenoreans and Tauredain that dwell in the Cloud Forest. Export valuable jungle woods and riches. They have a very noble and important job of standing in the way of constant war between Umbar and one of it's biggest rivals - the mighty Ka'ax-Toliath.

The Traders of Caras Mordhellond 

Umbar has a major port in Avarin lands, and exclusive trading rights   

 The Wine-Folk of the sea of Rhun 

The lands nigh the sea of Rhun have been conquered.  

 Umbar has many havens scattered across the globe...    

      Umbaran Culture    

      Umbar is by tradition, a Maritime Empire. Their ships exceed any in Middle Earth, except probably the elves. They have charted basicaly almost every land that touches the sea. Umbaran culture is a mix of Haradic, Numenorean, and Elvish.     

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