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Travian rides along side Imrahil as he always has and always will, his mail giggled under his sea blue surcoat but he continues to ride. After riding in silence Travian begins to hum a happy little tune and eventually begins quietly singing the "Song of the Swan Knights."

–Travian's first lines as Imrahil's squire (Last of Middle Earth)

"Elphir! Travian! It is an elf! And he lives!"

–Imrahil's first lines (Last of Middle Earth)

Hello, all! The name's High Prince Imrahil, and I've been here since the very beginning.

Really, this all started on LOTRMC Wiki, where I made a popular series, Adventures of High Prince Imrahil. Riding on that success, I decided to join an RP using Imrahil's character. The Last of Middle Earth, an RP by Edacnik Fyr, was an exciting adventure. And while I was seriously lacking in roleplay skills, it was a very fun experience.

Meanwhile, on a server, I was playing as Imrahil, the Prince of Dol Amroth. A player on that server showed incredible loyalty, and I took to him quickly. His name was Travian, and he was probably the best friend I've ever made online. Travian quickly became my sidekick, and took on the official title of "Squire". He and I kicked Mordor's behind in a series of wars, and soon the entire server was conquered. I mentioned to him that I was involved in an RP, and he decided to join up too.

Travian joined as Imrahil's loyal squire, and that soon became our natural roles. I always joined RPs as the Prince of Dol Amroth, he was always my squire. We led our nation together, and our friendship has been through thick and thin both in RPs and outside.

Nowadays I'm an admin, and one of the oldest members of this site. I love it with all my heart, and I doubt I'll ever leave. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a message on my wall!

My first RP can be found here:

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