here are your archetypes

the components are Warlord=W






S+H pest control (starts with flame thrower and biohazard kit knows a lot about mutants)

S+SE miner (explosives go boom!)

S+P scientist (ssssscience)

S+W quartermaster (everyone loves a bothched together in your back yard rocket launcher)

S+F growlighter (living underground has it's benefits like you're own personal poison cupboard)

H+SE trapper (look at this fabulous bullet proof mutant cow hide)

H+P Shaman (good old healing berries)

H+W Scout (ooh nice sniper/bow/knives)

H+F Beastmaster (who's a good boy?)

SE+P priest (blunt objects)

SE+W Guardian (Iiii predict a riot shield

SE+F Rancher (home on the ranch with ma cattle)

P+W Zealot (kill the pagans!!! kill the impure!!! kill the um...)

P+F Shepherd (XD)

W+F Landowner (Trespassers will be blasted)


Farmer=F= (growin' food)

Prophet=P= (megaton anyone?)

Settler=SE= (this land is my land that land is your land...)

Hunter=H= (away in the woods

Scavenger=S= (doesn't anyone read tins?)

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